I’m doing it.

I am starting the blog I have wanted to write for years.

Why now? Well, why not? Life is beautiful and I intend on making sure I don’t miss out on gushing over a single moment of it. Too often we only commemorate the moments in life that can be summed up easily onto a greeting card and squished into the confines of a photograph, only to be tucked away and talked about on occasion. I contend that there is something beautiful to be found in every single day.

One day I want to be able to look back on this blog and see the silly stories that would otherwise be forgotten, the photos of the sunset that took my breath away and fall more in love with everyday life. This blog is all about the moments in between the milestones.


2 thoughts on “I’m doing it.

  1. Grandma – March 5, 2012
    Kelly I would never worry about where I would work, live or love. This blog written by you is priceless, unbelieveablly beautiful – just like you. Reading it has taken mly breathe away. Stay with it.


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