Wish List Wednesday.

Welcome to the first official Wish List Wednesday!

Let’s face it, Wednesdays have a bad rap. They remind us that we’ve only made it half way through the week and still have just as far to go to get to the beloved weekend. I say, let’s give Wednesdays a second chance. I’m giving Wednesday some love by showing my love for the things I’d love to have. Wednesday=love. If we all say it enough, we might believe it.

wish list

Check them out 1. here 2. here 3. L-here C-here R-here

1. Weekend Bag– Let’s get real for a minute. There is no way I could ever practically have a weekend bag. I don’t know about you, but when I pack for a weekend get-away I have about a three bag minimum. I believe a weekend bag is intended for a very specific type of weekend. One that is spent driving up the coast with the top down, wind in your hair, frolicking around on the beach, au natural hair and barefoot walks to the pier at dusk. (Because honestly, you could probably only fit a few bathing suits and flip-flops in a weekend bag.) With all of that being said, I definitely want a weekend bag, and a weekend bag type of weekend.

2. Alphabet Stamp Set– I need these. And I think I can rationalize it. I’m getting married, and I’d like people to be there, which means I have to invite them, and the invites set the tone for the wedding, and I can think of no more adorable and fitting way to address my invitations than with these vintage letter stamps. Unfortunately Anthro. doesn’t include a personal stamping assistant with the purchase, but that’s what MOH’s are here for :]

3. Pleated Maxi-Skirt– I am loving these because they combine two trends that I am all over right now, the maxi skirt and the charm and elegance of a pleat. These are so super feminine and playful I just can’t get enough. And if you’re looking for a way to be bold, get one of these with a pattern and you are well on your way. FYI that silver Lanvin one up there, it’s almost 5k. That’s why this is called a wish list.

 That’s all for this week’s wish list. What are you all wishing for??


3 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday.

  1. I follow your blog and wondered why do I never comment! Well here it is, I’m starting!
    The madewell bag is fab. Love it. Check out Kate spade luggage- so pretty but also a ridic amount of dough and the description of the suitcase says its for decorating purposes and not to be used?!
    The stamps. Love it. Phillips place by south park has a store called the paper source. It’s fantastic. Lots stamps for weddings, etc. I actually made my brothers weddings paper stuff and guest gifts from this store.
    This is late for me to say what I’m wishing for so I’ll wait for tomorrow to post that on the current Wednesday wish list!


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