Awkward and Awesome.

Okay. Im stealing this idea from one of my favorite blogs, The Daybook where every week she devotes one day to the things in her life that are awkward and the things that are awesome. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?


-Ordering face-to-face at the Chic-Fil-A drive thru. Does anyone else immediately feel the need to find just the right song on the radio? And yes mister, that is a chic-fil-a cup in my drink holder from the last time I was here, don’t judge me.
-No young seven year old, I will not tell you what sticking up your middle finger means, just please, stop doing it.
-Eating a white jelly bean, thinking it was a yellow one. Not the same thing, and definitely not awesome.


-God Bless the Girl Scouts and their cookies. Samoas and tagalongs cannot be beat.
-The Madewell catalog patiently waiting on me when I got home. Oooo easy reading. [You better believe some of that goodness is going to make it into wish list Wednesday.]
– A website where people sell leftover wedding decor. It’s like craigslist for weddings, and it’s awesome.
-Daylights savings time is this weekend y’all, hello bright nights.

What’s been awkward & awesome in your life lately?


3 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Harris teeter does the same thing with the receipt and change. Slow down people!!
    Awesome: The full moon last night
    Awkward: being in the driveway when the mail lady delivers your mail. Never know what to say

  2. Awkward: folding the entire families underwear when I do laundry. The kids underwear is fine and often cute and little. However the parents just gives me creeps I only touch the corners.
    Awkward: feeling obligated to share my shamrock vanilla icing cupcake with my boss because she acted like it was hers when she came home. Food is often awkward here as this isn’t the first time I have gotten food and it’s vanished.
    Awkward: having to pull one of the twins aside in public as I am conversing with people about grabbing himself.
    Awkward/I hate it when: impatient people at target don’t let you put your change away in our wallet and just move on up and your space and utterly frazzle you that now your change is in the dark hole of the bottom of your purse.
    Awesome: the new Lilly store at south park. That place is all sorts of bright.
    Awesome: peeps are out for Easter and target has them in like 6 different colors.
    Awesome: my bday is in t-minus 17 days.
    Awesome: I can now start to cycle again without every square inch of my body going numb or getting wind burned.

    • Can we install a nanny-cam in that house so I can have a constant source of entertainment?! Seriously, the target people, they are KILLING me. It never fails that I get a stuck doing this awkward dance of trying to shove my change and receipt (really, they should stop handing me both at the same time) into my wallet, while also grabbing my purse and my bagS (let’s be real, its never just one).

      Also, Birthday’s on the 23rd are by far the best, if I do say so myself.


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