GOOD night.

Hey guys. Sorry I missed out on wish list Wednesday yesterday. This little bloggers laptop has got a mind of its own and decided it wasn’t going to let me type a single sentence without deleting everything and therefore throwing me into a bit of a tizzy. Sometimes you just have to shut the screen and take a breath.

Anyways. I’m forgoing the wish list this week to take a minute to gush over the trip I just took to the mall, because it was awesome blossom.

So I made my way over to the mall with the mindset that the Apple store was about to tell me that my precious laptop had seen its final day. Seriously you guys, I was already thinking of all the places I was going to be digging around to find spare change, really, I was going to hit up every couch cushion I could. I drudge myself through the mall, not even taking the time to soak in Anthropology’s display window, that’s how you know you’re in a haze. I get to the store, wait 10 minutes past my appointment time, then 2 minutes later my ‘genius’ grabs me a new battery, pops it in and sends me on my merry way. I floated out of that store, I was on cloud nine. A fixed laptop and no money out of my pocket, I call that a success.

I skip my way over to Nordstrom where there is a sale on sunglasses. Did I mention I sat on my sunglasses leaving work today and broke both ear pieces off? Yeah, I did. And I frowned big time about it, the tears were working their way up. Broken sunglasses issue, dissolved… and for under $20.

Throw in a quick trip over to The Art of Shaving to pick up some essentials for my main man and a wonderfully delightful conversation with the sales women who informed me that “your fiancé is one lucky guy”. I think he did pretty good if I do say so myself.

I then found myself at the Häagen-Dazs counter (funny how that happens isn’t it?) where I ordered a chocolate milk-shake. But oh-boy did that sales associate have a surprise for me. “How about a Belgian chocolate chocolate shake instead?” Um, yes please.

So, me, my cured laptop, my new sunglasses and my delicious shake are together now in our own happy place. I will check today off as good one. :]



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