Stuck on a rock.

I’m back! I spent this past weekend up in Boone visiting my good old alma mater, Appalachian State, and falling back in love with those rolling blue mountains. My weekend involved lots of things including

-Skiing in 50 degree weather. No hand warmers, no scarf, no long-johns, no problems. 
-Falling as I get off the first ski lift, yep I’m that person, I apologize. He’ll deny it but I’m fairly certain Clint sent a hip-check my way on that one. We’ll just say he wanted me to fall only so he could help me get back up.
-Driving through campus only to realize that I hardly recognize half of it. How can so much stuff change in 10 months?! 

We did lots of skiing and hiking and my camera was slung over my shoulder the whole time, so I’ll let the pictures tell the story. And show you just how this post title came to be.

You see, I saw this rock out in the middle of the river and I thought, O man- I have to go out there and take a picture. So with a few hops and a big old skip I get out there, take my picture, almost fall in entirely and get pulled back up by Clint dip my toes in the water, and then realize… I don’t think I can get back! I was stuck on a rock, in the middle of a river, with lots of campers and hikers standing nearby smirking at my situation. My sister, Kim, was kind enough to capture the moment of me finally making the much, much dreaded jump. But let me tell you, I genuinely thought for a little while there that I was about to call that rock “home”. The photos definitely make it seem like I’m ridiculous but all I can say is, you had to be there.

So, why don’t you all go take a hike.


2 thoughts on “Stuck on a rock.

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