Wish List Wednesday.

I skipped out on Wish List Wednesday last week so I’ll try my best to make up for my absence. Here is this week’s wish list.


Kate Spade watch- Let me say first off that I am not a watch person. I have never been one to wear a watch, so for me to actually want one… it’s kind of a big deal. I have to wear a watch at work so I’ve been going back and forth with the three that I have but none of them are anything special and I tend to slip them right off my wrist as soon as I get off work because none of them enhance my outfit. I found this watch while passing time on pinterest (did I mention you can go follow me there?) and love the boyfriend style of it. I’m still not a watch person but I could definitely get used to seeing this beauty on my wrist.

Picnic- Clint and I were actually gifted this very picnic basket/backpack as an engagement gift and I am ripping at the seams to use it. I can’t even tell you how long I have wanted a picnic kit. Somehow Clint and I have only ever had ourselves one picnic, it was right before he left for basic training and I’m pretty sure we just got take out and sat on a blanket. Now, we have the tools to do it right, and since I’m heading to Raleigh this weekend to visit my sweet, sweet man I’m bringing the picnic kit with me and we’re gonna take another whack at doing a picnic properly. Any suggestions on what makes for good picnic eats?

Toms ballet flats- I love myself some Toms. They are so comfortable and come in such cute designs, I have three pairs and still check the website weekly to see what new styles are popping up. This week I got the catalog in the mail and fell head over heels in love with these ballet flats. The description for the shoe even says its “the perfect pair of jeans for your feet”. Have I mentioned I love jeans, and shoes? It seems only logical that I combine those two via these kicks. Ok so almost $80 for a pair of flats is a bit much for this girls budget but I’ll just hope that good old Target pulls through for me with a look-a-like pair this spring.

Show Wednesday some love and let me know,
what’s on your wish list?? 


2 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday.

  1. Oo very nice wish list. Kate spade watches, nice pick and so classy.
    Wish list has seemed to grow with my bday next week! Have my eye on a Marc by Marc jacobs pink purse and matching wallet; so adorable with that perfect bright splash of color. I decided that it can be used year round to, I mean why not who doesn’t love some pink?!
    Other than that would love me some new running outfits, one can never have too many cute tempo shorts in those fun patterns.
    Oh and how could I forget, been eyeing up two new charms for my pandora bracelet- airplane for travels and a present for my ol bday celebration.


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