Fashion Friday.

Thank God It’s Friday. It’s beautiful outside, I made an especially good cup of coffee this morning and I get to make that lovely drive to Raleigh tonight. Okay, the drive, not so great; the destination, pretty darn awesome.

On top of all that, I’m kicking off my first Fashion Friday! 

I have a lot of clothes you guys, like, 15+ pairs of jeans. Which of course means I have a lot of clothes I don’t wear. My closet tends to hide things from me for months on end, leaving me wearing the same set of things over and over again. I’ve always wanted to keep track of what I wear so I can be more conscious to wear all my clothes, not just the ones right in front of my face. Sometimes I’ll write down what I wear on little strips of paper and file them away into my desk but that’s another black hole in its own right.  So, with fashion friday I’ll highlight my outfits from the week in an effort to get me to start pulling things from the back and attempt to limit myself to only one day a week of wearing the go-to white t-shirt.

So here it goes…

Just to clarify, I wore more than three outfits this week. However this lovely little Fashion Friday idea didn’t come to me till Tuesday so this week’s fashion friday is a bit abbreviated.

What did you all wear this week?


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