Awkward and Awesome.

I’m a bad weekend blogger. I apologize. I’ll work on it, or at least I have the intention to. For now, awkward and awesome time.

-Weak ankles, the physical therapists terms, not mine. My classroom is upstairs at work which basically results in my ankles giving out daily getting there. The kids thoroughly enjoy it. My railing grabbing skills are something worth bragging about.
-Being so tired in the shower I can’t remember if I washed my hair or not- I may have washed it twice, rinse and repeat, right?
-Mean mean lady at Petsmart. Maybe if we need someone to accompany us back to the kitty cages you should have an associate standing by rather than totally ruining my mood by your rudeness. You are a total cat lady, and not in a good way. 

-Apparently if you go to Starbucks right before they close they give you free things. Giant cup of passion fruit tea mix at no cost, win one for the consumers.
-I’ve been playing basketball at night with Kim. Childhood flashbacks galore. I’m just as bad as I was back then, I just look slightly more awkward now that I’m like two feet taller.
-The most awesome of days visiting the wedding venue with my main man. This was the first time I went and it wasn’t raining, I had grand visions of a sunshine filled wedding day.
-A tootsie pop with an Indian shooting the bow and arrow on the wrapper. I’m not sure I remember the importance of it, but I know its awesome.

What’s been awkward & awesome in your lives lately?


5 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Oo I love that about Starbucks made lots of late night studying a little more bare able. And too fun about basketball I miss playing if you ever want a third you got my digits!
    Let’s see,
    Awesome: birthdays. Oh how I love my bday and spending it with awesome friends and family.
    Cupcakes. They are simply delightful. I could eat one every single day.
    This weather. Oh my goodness I am already starting to tan and it feels oh so good cycling down the booty loop.
    Being mistaken as the kids mother than being mistaken as my boss’ daughter all in the same week.
    Being denied a transaction because I can’t remember which zip code is my billing address since I’ve moved 3x in last few months.

    • The fact that you’re already getting a tan is just ridiculous. Me and my pale self will be hiding under our layers now.

      Too too funny about your little identity crisis. Although I do believe I’ve got you beat, fairly certain I was once mistaken as Pete and Kim’s child… yep.. twisted on so many levels. Apparently the gentleman at Joseph A. Banks has a horrible sense of age, and a serious lack of common sense.

  2. You should have been looking at puppies……then the lady would have been sweet….hahahaha


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