I have a crush.

On my fiancé.

Today marks exactly four months til the day I get to marry this man. I couldn’t be more excited or honored to become his wife and o boy do I love him. But let me tell you, I’ve got a crush on my future husband like you wouldn’t believe.

Here he is standing where we’ll say our I Do’s :]

I adore getting to know him better, all his ins and outs, his ups and downs. I can’t get enough of him, we could spend the rest of our forever talking and I’d still hang on his every word.

I simply adore hearing and seeing and living along side his passion for God. My confidence in his ability to lead our little family spiritually is unparalleled.

This guy is fun. Like fun, fun. He doesn’t always laugh at my jokes and he never sings in the car with me, but I’d still pick him to be my adventure mate any day of the week.

He’s selfless and generous and the biggest supporter of this lady. He’s my memories, my present and my future. And because I think it’s just as important to like someone as it is to love them, and because at 16 he was the guy who gave me butterflies the first time we talked, and nearly six and a half years later still does,

I have a crush on my fiancé. 


5 thoughts on “I have a crush.

  1. Awesome post Kelly. You guys are so cute together and I couldn’t be happier for the two of you. I wish I would be in country for the wedding 😦


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