Weekend Wrap Up.

I know it’s Monday and definitely not the weekend anymore but I came back from Raleigh this morning and then had to head straight to work, meaning no blogging time. And since apparently we’re all about alliteration over here at this blog (awkward & awesome, wish list Wednesday, fashion Friday) I have for you all a little weekend wrap up… via photos that I racked up on my phone over my little visit to see my man.

We drove all over Raleigh, because apparently Clint and I have a serious thing for car rides together. That also explains why some of those pictures look they were taken from the middle of the street, they were, and I like it. There was also some yummy food, a semi-failed attempt at cooking baked potatoes. Seriously, can someone please leave me a recipe down in that there comment box?! There was great conversation over Starbucks and marriage counseling applications. Apparently one of the words Clint would use to describe me is delightful, I like that too.

How was everyones weekend?


1 thought on “Weekend Wrap Up.

  1. Sweet pic! Glad you had a fab weekend! Sat I froze at the beach and sun I froze at the beach. However, Monday I fried drinking a margarita. I am the new definition of red lobster. I am very much ready to come up- I’ve been sharing a room with 3 children who toss and turn all night long. Trip was worth it though to see the beach and hang out in the sand.


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