Awkward and Awesome.

Oh my goodness. My little laptop just got over throwing a major temper tantrum that led me to shutting this baby down for a bit of a nap. Now we’re back, chipper, allowing me to type, opening up webpages and ready to blog. So here’s some awkward&awesome for your liking…

-So you see, Clint has this little fancy schmancy shaving set with this cool brush he uses to put his shaving cream on. I thought it’d be a good idea, and slightly entertaining to him while he shaved, to rub a little on my face (I really just wanted to see how soft it was). Well, I then decide I’ll just use the back side of his razor to scrape the shaving cream off. Ladies, men’s razors have blades on the front AND back, what?!? Yep, yep. I shaved half my chin. It’s cute.
-Bojangles bathroom, never again, enough said.
-Rollarblading, it’s awkward, it’s awesome, it’s awkwardly awesome. And If I come rolling down your street you better show some appreciation for my skills, I can weave back and forth like you wouldn’t believe.

-Nutella. Oh my awesomeness.
-Waking up to a note that reads ‘Starbucks is in the fridge.’ Is my man a keeper or what?!
-Going to Sky High (a trampoline park) with a bunch of kiddies. Some of which have never bounced on big time trampolines before- far too entertaining. Plus, I finally have found people who are seriously impressed by my trampoline tricks. Immediately after doing a flip I was told “You are the coolest teacher ever!!” I love how easily amused they are. 

What’s been awkward and awesome lately?



5 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Awkward: Someone talking on the cell phone in the bathroom….. and then having to make eye contact with them when they came out…..gross.
    Awesome: 80 degrees, sunshine, canopy trees on Providence road, convertible top down….never been so happy to be stuck in traffic 🙂

  2. I need to get to sky high! And the razor well at Least you didn’t share off an eyebrow?!! 🙂
    Sleeping with my boss Shelley on the beach vacation after spending 3 sleepless nights trying to share beds with 3 kids.
    Getting sun burned so badly you can’t put a bra on and arent around your own family but instead the people you work for.

      • Im pretty excited to see your lobster self soon and hear more about your working vacay. And seriously, cupcakes could earn themselves a designated post with their awesomeness. I have a 10,000 cupcakes book that needs to be revisited again very soon :]


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