Wish List Wednesday.

The laptop is killing me today guys. It will be some sort of miracle if this post gets finished. I’ll apologize now for errors… it’s not me, it’s the computer.

With that being said, it’s time to show Wednesday some love with…

Wish List Wednesday!


Kate Spade Earrings- These are absolutely going to be mine. I am fairly certain that as a soon to be Mrs it’s like my newly wed responsibility to wear these on my honeymoon.

Adobe Suite- So it would seem that Adobe has finally figured me out. You see- I don’t own photoshop, I simply download the thirty-day free trial over and over again. Coming up with new e-mail addresses is all it takes and I’m back up and photoshopping. However, yesterday my trial ran out and then it wouldn’t let me download a new one. The panic that set in was legit (what would happen to fashion Friday??!) Anyways, I found a way around my issue but my o my it sure would be nice to have the whole creative suite right at the click of my mouse. I’ll be holding onto that $500 for now (cause this girl needs a new laptop above all else).
Food Cover- How cute is this?! I can see it now, a summer night grilling out and you throw this over that plate of hamburgers so those pesky bugs don’t steal the first bite. Practical AND adorable. Win, win.


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