Awkward and Awesome.

I’m pretty much forcing myself to write this post today. I’m feeling down and out and ready to throw the day away as a bad one. However, it’s moments like the one I am living through right now that require reflection on awesome moments the most. So, in an attempt to try to bring my spirits up and realize that life on the other side of this lousy moment is pretty darn awesome (and fairly awkward) i give you… Awkward & Awesome.

-I’m not sure if anyone else saw this last week in good old Matthews, but there were two military planes flying INCREDIBLY low. I truly cannot emphasize that enough. I was outside with my students and they were freaking out. Two girls started crying, the boys were screaming that WW3 had begun and were bunkering down, bracing for impact from the bombs they were sure these planes were going to drop. Not sure if you all know this but, I am terrified of flying, we’ll just say I am afraid of planes in general. So basically, I was LOSING it inside my head. Why are they flying so low? Why are they literally flying in circles just over this building? Did they just lower the missiles? Am I sure that’s an American flag on the side? There was a part of me that wanted to run inside with the kids and find an interior closet. I decided instead to put on my big-girl pants and calmly explain to the children that the military does practice all the time, and Charlotte, NC is not going to be location where WW3 breaks out.. I was talking to myself just as much as I was talking to them.
-Clint and I registered this past weekend, which also happens to be awesome, but our trip to Belk’s… awkward. So what do you do when you get all signed up and set up and then suddenly realize you actually want nothing they have? You can’t go back to the consultant with nothing on your list. So instead, you walk around like two people who don’t know left from right and shoot your registering gun at things that you actually kind of hope no one gets you. We’ll be deleting that registry ASAP.
-Has anyone else found that they are particularly good at walking into spider webs? I think the spiders have formed some sort of pact against me this season… let’s see how many times we can get her to dance around like a crazy person swatting at the air. Touché spiders.
-Going bowling with kids. Yep, they bowl when the guard is down… ALL THE TIME. I spent more time walking up and down the lanes fetching bowling balls than I did anything else. I do believe I perfected the balancing act of walking in the gutter. 

-Registering. We get to pick out all the stuff we want and don’t have to pay for it? Can we do this like every 10 years, please?
-I had Friday off of work so I got to have myself a nice long weekend. It was just what I needed.
-Clint and I have pretty much turned into single day wedding planning powerhouses. Since we’re doing this whole, long-distance lovin’ right now we have to seriously get things accomplished for our wedding when we are together. This past Saturday, we worked it out, big time. In addition to putting our to-do list to shame, I think we even managed to fall more in love through all the craziness, now that, is awesome.

What has been awkward & awesome in your lives lately?


2 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

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  2. I totally missed the planes! Thank goodness I did though im fairly certain these kids would have asked 10,000 questions. The spiderwebs- how bout them worm webs from the trees? I had to de worm myself mid run the other day, disgusting!
    My legs peeling and tri colored from the lack of sunscreen I applied last week. Yes. Over a week ago and still haven’t healed.
    Dealing with sketchy people on Craigslist. I just wanted to sell my bike, not my identity.
    Tapioca pudding on Easter for dessert. One of my favs and of course getting a visit from the Easter bunny even at age 23.
    Having a 6 year old write a fact book all about me and why I am the greatest (in addition to my daily artwork from her)
    Having the kids miss me while I was gone for one day, their faces were priceless when I got back Easter night.
    Getting back on a studying schedule as much as I despise it l am calling it awesome because it is going to work.


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