Sometimes I’m a grouch and snap at everyone.
Sometimes I’m in a bad mood that just won’t go away.
Sometimes I can’t find the good in every situation and sometimes I just don’t want to.
Sometimes I’m mean to people who least deserve it.
Sometimes I have a negative view of life.
Sometimes I let the little things bring me down and keep me there.
Sometimes I take a break from blogging because I lack an interest in anything.
Sometimes my laptop and my car both have bad days and sometimes I let the material aspects of life play far too important a role.
Sometimes I really just need to hug my man and not be separated by 3 hours.
Sometimes I try and try and try to turn my mood around, only to get more frustrated that I can’t shake this funk.
Sometimes I just have one of those weeks that’s not perfect. It’s not filled with wish lists or fashionable Fridays and it’s not cheery or optimistic.

And sometimes I take the time to step back and look back at the week that had to be longer than normal, take a deep breath, get out on the other side of the bed ,and cast my anxiety onto Him and simply know that next week will be better.

I may have had one of those weeks, but through every high and every low, He will never give up on me and I’ll remind myself of that as I take my turn going through the storm.

Surely this means something great is right within my reach.


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