Awkward and Awesome.

Hey hey hey hey. No interesting little stories to tell, just a bit of awkward and awesome.

-Standing in line at the redbox in Harris Teeter when a man walks up to the ATM that is right in front of me. It’s like I suddenly feel the need to look the complete opposite direction to prove I’m not looking over his shoulder.. or was I? Pin number… 3762. 😉
-One thing I have learned from working with kids is that you can be in the middle of a conversation and they will interrupt you to insult you. The other day, Im talking to a girl and apparently she couldn’t resist the need to tell me that I have big teeth. Why thank you, I will now stop smiling and make sure I point out when your big girl teeth come in missy.
-Speaking of teeth. Has anyone ever used crest white strips before? Holy moly guacamole. Besides my unreal tooth sensitivity, the spit is overwhelming. It’s like being at the dentist- you know, you walk in with an abnormally dry mouth, ten minutes in you basically feel like your’re laying there drowning. That’s nasty, I know, but it is also super awkward to spend half of that 30 minutes those strips are on standing over my bathroom sink.
-To all of my pinterest followers, I apologize. You see, when I’m hungry late at night, i pin. I pin A LOT of food. It’s kind of like, if I pin enough food, I’ll get full. It’s not working that way quite yet, but I’ve got my phone charged and I’m ready to get my pin on.

-Remember last week when I talked about the mystery planes that threw my students into a tizzy? Mystery solved! As several of you informed me, there was a military funeral going down in Charlotte that day and those planes were set to do a fly over. Apparently they stalled by flying circles over me.
-PRESENT UNDER THE BED DAY. You guys, seriously, this is one of my favorite things from my childhood, and yesterday it was reprised. When I was younger my Mom would randomly pick days to reward us for good behavior and such and such. My siblings and I would come home from school and my Mom would tell us to go look under our beds. We would all run upstairs shoot our arms under our beds and pull out presents. It was awesome. And it hadn’t been done for yearssss. Yesterday I came home from work and was told it was present under the bed day. The gifts have changed quite a bit since I was 10 (I used to get barbies and beanie babies, this time I got a bracelet) but the excitement is just as great. 

What’s been Awkward & Awesome lately?



8 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Great post! I can relate to just about every one of those. Especially the ATM incident. Have you ever had an IT guy come to fix your computer at work and you have to log on with your password and then he has to log on with his? We look like we’re watching a tennis match with all that obvious head turning!! And I think I’m going to adopt that “under the bed present day”, if that’s ok. It sounds awesome! My Mom use to have reward days with my two brothers and I. Every Friday for three Fridays in a row, one of us would get checked out of school right after we accounted for the whole day (somewhere around 11:30 am) and we’d get to spend the whole afternoon…just Mom and me day. It was terrific because with three kids and my Dad being gone with the Army alot, we’d get some one on one attention in a positive manner. We cherished those days. Thanks for the reminder….sigh….

  2. Awkard: While in a deep conversation with someone at my desk about work (crazy, I know), girl in front of me turns around and just starts staring at us talking through the glass. She tends to do this a lot, so I just pretend she’s not there, ha. So about 2 minutes of staring later, she stands up (which means her head is over the glass divider) and interrupts our conversation to say: “Ummmm, I’m about to open a V8, is that ok?” Is that ok? What do I care. Some people are just so awkard, I feel like I’m stupid and missing something.
    Awesome: For those of you that don’t know, there is an unspoken bond AND competitive nature between convertible drivers. Case in point, everyday that I drive home from work with the top down and am stuck in traffic next to another convertible driver, you do a casual nod of “well hey there, i like your car, aren’t we neat for not having roofs”. Well directly after that friendly and quick exchange, it’s Zoolander walk-off time. I’m talking, who’s hair looks better flowing in the wind, who’s music is cooler and at the perfect non-annoying volume, and who can hold their arm out the side of the car while making it actually look comfortable (on certain days this requires a bit of acting). Well yesterday I was beside a brand new red bmw convertible and the competition was fierce and went on for about 25 minutes…my longest battle yet. However, I take her sudden turn off of Providence road as defeat and therefore, an awesome victory.

    • Everyone knows your supposed to ask before opening any beverages at work, duh.. get with it, girl!

      Let’s face it- in the world of convertible face-offs.. you probably both look dumb. Us car people are driving casually in our enclosed cars and laughing at you all.. I hope that wind in the hair is worth the sweaty back. ;]

      I kid, I kid. You would beat me in a roof-down face off.. i would surely sit there looking miserable.. because apparently when I try to focus on just looking normal I look incredibly displeased with life.

  3. The gift under the bed is adorable. That is so fun!! Love the awkward ATM guy, I feel the Same when that happens!
    Trying to “work the numbers” when purchasing a large item. I hate the awkwardness of asking for a lower price or throwing in free accessories. I mean why can’t the company just realize you are already spending a ton of money and have a Starbucks coffee waiting for you?!

    The paper source store in phillips place new theme is bicycles. Yes. And I want all of it.


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