Wish List Wednesday.

Sunday, Monday, happy day.
Tuesday, Wednesday, happy day.

So far, so good. It’s Wednesday, which means we’re half way through the week, go us! (It’s not like any of us have a choice- but we can celebrate the small victories, even the one’s that happen whether we like it or not.) As today is in fact Wednesday it’s time for my weekly wish list. A weekly list that for whatever reason seems to actually only ever happen every other week.. whoops.


Denim Vest- This particular vest comes from J Crew, meaning it is absolutely not going to be a part of my closet anytime soon. I can’t swing the price tag on this one but I have some pretty grand visions of hitting up Goodwill, finding an old denim jacket, chopping those sleeves off and having a creation worthy of Fashion Friday. I love, love, love denim. I love denim shirts, jackets, shorts, pants, vests, shoes, and I would absolutely pile several of those pieces into one denim-crazed outfit and call it a day. In the summer I tend to wear lots of colorful shorts and skirts and denim top is the perfect thing to pair with a cute bottom piece and pull an outfit together. I also have tons of cute little tank tops that I match with cardigans and such (this lady doesn’t go around showing off her bony collar-bone) and a vest would be a great alternative to a sweater, especially on those warmer days.

Recycled Magazine Vase- I found this vase while wandering around on Etsy and spent about 5 minutes trying to figure it out. How does the water stay in? Doesn’t the paper get wet and soggy? Does the ink of the paper dye the flowers? Yes, yes. We’ll go ahead and call this my blonde moment. It turns out this vase is more for those fake flowers that we all find ourselves getting sucked into buying at Michael’s (40% off coupon, thank you very much.) But I’m thinking, why not just slide a glass vase that is a bit shorter and skinner right on inside and let the real flowers have fun showing off in this fun, colorful vase.

MONOGRAM MANIA!!- So, as we all know, I’m getting married. Aside from the obvious wonderful things this means, it also means new monogrammed things! Right now I’m an R… that’s a pretty solid letter y’all. Thankfully, I’m marrying into an S.. just as solid.. it’s all about the balance of the letter people. As I become an S lady I now get to go around stocking up on all things S. On Jonathan Adler’s website you can make custom pillows, rugs, totes, etc… and I made this cute little S pillow (simply for the sake of the image- I’ll be searching for the Target version). Clint and I registered for an S doormat and I am so excited about it. Who knew a doormat could be so wonderful?! Bring on the luggage, the tumblers, the jewelry, the cell phone case, the mouse pad, the stationary, the window decal; bring on the monogram :]

What is on your wish list?


3 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday.

  1. Oo love that pillow. That would look fab on the couch or a bench while you read and sip coffee!

    My wish list:
    Paper source has the whole bicycle theme a I decided I must have the hot mitt set. I mean I will need one in a short few months anyways so why not get it early? While I’m at it I may get the matching dish towel 😉
    Second, Marc by Marc jacobs blue chronograph silicone watch. So I already have a watch but this one is a terrific blue and so fun.


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