Fashion Friday.

This week I was a bit lazy in my picture-taking, I only took pictures one day, so I decided I’d look into my past a bit and show you how my fashionable ways came to be.

I knew colored pants and pastels were in.

Florals were always a staple.

I knew there was no such thing as too much sparkle.

When it came to nautical, it was all or nothing.

Sometimes I followed the trends of those who came before.

And sometimes I just tried to keep up.

Hope you all had a fashionable and fabulous week!


3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday.

  1. Oo love how you accessories yellow belt in your super cute outfit…loft?!
    And the childhood photos- too cute. I always laugh when I look at my scrapbook and what I wore- hilarious. Penny loafers, jelly sandals, lion king sweat suit (which may i add was the only athletic apparel i ownes until the 3rd grade-imagine that!) massive bows in my long hair, the list goes on. Was that on photo on that bus in Matthews?!


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