Awkward and Awesome.

This is my favorite part of coming home from work…

She’s the cutest. And most definitely awesome.

-This past weekend my work had Spring Fest. A festival/open house of sorts. We sold hand painted flower pots, had giant inflatable jumping houses, and unfortunately for far too many kids, we had hair spray painting. Whoever decided it was a good idea for me to take on this task had far too much confidence in me. Somewhere out there are many many parents trying desperately to scrub hair spray paint out of their children’s ears, off of their necks, and in a few cases, their eye brows. Apparently I’m not fit for life as a carnival worker.
-Basically, I have psoriasis in my ears. Which means at any given moment I’m walking around with some sort of itchy/ tickling/ half-muted combination. You know when you get one of those intense itches that you just can’t scratch quick enough? Yep, ALL THE TIME. It’s just down right awkward. 

-I have weekend pants. They are so so so awesome. My Target black yoga pants have never seen a single moment of yoga, but they have seen a whole lot of Saturdays and Sundays.
-This Thursday I’m heading to Raleigh to spend a wonderful long weekend with Clint. We’re going to see one of our favorite bands Thursday night and I am bubbling over with excitement.
-Why has no one ever told me about dry shampoo before?!! Do you all have any idea how aweseome it is?! I’ve ben trying to use a little less heat on my hair lately, to prevent breakage and such… yadda yadda yadda.  Well I was exposed to dry shampoo (and dry conditioner) and my hair is very thankful. More volume, more shine, and my waves make it through a full day. A.w.e.s.o.m.e.
-If you’re not watching Smash, you should be.

What’s been awkward & awesome lately? 


7 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. I, too, have to spray paint hair at my schools spring fling this weekend. I’m sure if you can’t do it I surely won’t be able too. Great.

    I, too, just started using dry shampoo this week and LOVE it! And I love Katherine McPhee and Smash :). That’s a lot in common this week.

    p.s. The blog is totally living up to my expectations 🙂

    • So so happy to hear you’re liking it :]

      In regards to the hair spray.. all I can say is.. don’t look the parents in the eye as you send their child off with spray paint running down their neck/face. They will surely be cursing your name later that night as they are scrubbing a layer of that poor kids skin away. And gloves are an absolute must, my nails are still a slight shade of lime green- no bueno.

  2. LOVING smash. It is absolutely a guilty pleasure. Here are my contributions for the week:

    Awkward: Lola the puppy eating the hand off Anna’s baby doll, my blog having a virus and being down…please pray that Jon can work his magic and recover all my content…

    Awesome: finding a 5 x 7 rug for our office for $12.99. That’s right folks. Frugal decorating right here. Also, being married 3 years today to my best friend.

    • Our dog ate half a sham-wow towel yesterday. Not sure what that means but it sure can’t be good. Frugal decorating is basically going to become a necessity for me soon. Clint’s kitchen table right now is my old table from when I was like five.. I’ll be needing to upgrade that sooner rather than later.

      Happy Anniversary to you and Jon! LOVE that adorable little family of yours.

  3. Oh gosh that puppy is cute.
    You sure did have your hands full this weekend! Spray paint- too funny. Neighbors kids had a carnival at their school and they did fake casts for $1.50 on wrists. The whole real deal just thinner compliments of Charlotte ortho. How nuts?!
    Oo and i missed smash except last ten minutes last night. Is this somethig I need to watch next week?

    Nothing exciting of awkwardness lately for me.

    Awesome: Starbucks. I feel that Starbucks often needs to be recognized for its awesomeness. Monday morning after a nice run through selwyn I enjoyed a good cup of coffee before work. The keurig is fantastic and my fav but nothing like going to Starbucks.
    Jorja. She is the most awesome six year old I know, seriously. She tells me on a daily basis that her tashy is the best. She’s my daily dose of sunshine.

    • I refuse to believe nothing awkward has happened for you lately. Surely you’re holding out on me ;]
      Also, did you know how badly I wanted to break my arm when I was little just to get the cast, and the signatures from the classmates that every cast becomes covered in. Would have been all over that.


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