Greetings From Sydney.

No. Not that Sydney.

This one…

Meet Sydney.

Clint and I got this adorable little one yesterday after months of searching for just the right kitty. There have been many, many kitties along the way. There was a Teddy, an Anna Banana, a Bahama, and many others that we thought were going to be the perfect furry companion. Then, yesterday, as I told Clint I could only bare to visit a couple places searching, as it can make a girl sad to walk into every shelter hoping they’ll have our kitten to only ever walk out empty handed; we hit up our second shelter and immediately find ourselves loving on the most precious little gray kitten. An hour later we were finally headed home with our kitten. After a little bit of brainstorming we decided on her name, she was originally Sasha- that needed to change ASAP. So now, since I seriously have a thing for names that double as places, we have our Sydney. So after 24 hours, here’s what we know about her so far…

She thinks we’re fascinating.

We think she’s fascinating.

She like cups, and bowls, and plates, and mugs.

She even likes to help us clean them.

And one of our favorite things about her… she matches our couch. We like to pretend like we can’t see her, I think she like’s it too.


6 thoughts on “Greetings From Sydney.

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  2. Beautiful kitty! If you don’t mind me asking (please tell me if you do), why were so many of the kittens you say wrong for you? I volunteer at a shelter and I always wonder why some cats take so long to find homes and others only spend a few days there.

    • It didn’t take long because we couldn’t find the right one it was more so that for a while we just couldn’t find ANY kittens (because apparently they have a season). Then whenever we’d find kittens we would love they would always have pending adoptions.


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