Awkward and Awesome.

Let me preface this weeks A&A by saying.. I am writing this post from my phone, outside, laying in my hammock, on a beautiful May morning with an adorable puppy wandering around playing and occasionally attempting to join me in my hammock bliss. Awesome.

Now for the rest of it:

– On the way home from Raleigh yesterday I found myself driving next to a tractor trailer at a certain point that had a very concerning bumper sticker. “I love explosives” Combine this little bit of information with the fact that his cargo was some sort of machinery that was completely unrecognizable and you have me, going 85, trying my best to put that particular truck behind me. Yes, I have driving anxiety. If you drove my car you would to.
-While we’re on the topic I’ll also take the time to note the awkwardness of not having cruise control. Technically I have it, it just decided it was going to stop working one day. I’m really hoping it’ll end its strike against me soon, because driving long trips without it is awkward. To the person behind me on a long single lane road, I apologize. At any given moment I could be going 10 mph over or under the speed limit and have no idea I ever even change, apparently this girls week ankles can only take so much petal to the metal.

-One of my students has been running for Student Body President at her school, and since she knew I went to school for Advertising, she had asked me to help her come up with her campaign idea and speech for why she should be elected. Well people, my girl won! That’s right. I finally have found justice in my heartbreaking loss of school secretary in the 7th grade. Technically my student won the election, but I’m taking a victory lap myself.
-To emphasize even more how awesome my students are… in a program wide competition to raise money and canned foods for our single parent ministry, my kids won. Bring on the ice cream party 🙂
-I kind of loveeee that my church is a partner to where I work. They have hooked me up lately. New carpet in my classroom, check. New, super trendy, tables in my classroom, check.
-Sunday morning snuggle sessions on the couch with Clint and kitty.

What’s been awkward and awesome lately? 


3 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Awkward: Having a staring contest with a stranger…..and they don’t look away. Touche to you sir.
    Awesome: Drinking a cool cream soda from a glass bottle on a warm spring evening. Yum!

  2. That bumper sticker- too funny. People are crazy!! And so jealous your in a hammock. I would love to be chilling in one right about now!!
    Running into people who know you but you have not got the slightest idea of who they are. This occurs more often that not.
    Starbucks old lady. I ran Monday morning and stopped at strbucks on way home to shower and got the most eye daggering looks in line for coffee due to my sweaty running apparel.
    Jorjas guitar lesson lady. So awkward because I never can understand what on earth she is saying. She is Vietnamese and I have no clue what she asks me half the time, I just nod.
    Bowling last weekend. Bowling is so much fun.
    Cupcakes. My boss bought flower cupcakes last week with lady bugs on them.
    Shopping, in particular buying gifts for people.

    • I love a random cupcake with mounds of frosting and a decorative ring showcased on top. Harris teeter has perfected this. I also love Starbucks and have been denying myself of it lately and you seem to be overindulging so you should probably just run your next cup over to my house. 🙂


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