Awkward and Awesome.

It’s been quite some time since my last session of A&A so I’ll just hit some highlights.

 -So apparently, if you call up and complain enough to McAlister’s about them forgetting to give you one of your to-go bags they’ll deliver it to your house. Way to go Mom, you’ve become one of THOSE people. 
-I’m driving home from work when I suddenly see a cute little turtle crossing the street from the other side. Of course, I stop, to provide that darling little turtle a safe trip to the other side of the road. The only problem here, that little turtle lived up to its reputation and had me sitting there stopped in the road for a solid minute. Did I mention I was on a very busy road? Yeah.. I caused a major slight traffic jam. You’re welcome little turtle. 

– My bridal shower this past weekend. Awesome. And the fact that I knocked out those thank you cards in a quick 1-2 punch, even more awesome.
-I love, love, love, my job. And I love that I work in an atmosphere where fellowship flourishes. Coming into work to find devotional cards sitting on my desk to encourage and guide me, I’m gonna miss it.
-Getting to put my wedding dress on again and thinking of the first time Clint will see it :] could not be more excited to marry that guy.  

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?


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