Awkward And Awesome.

Hey people.

I actually wrote awkward and awesome yesterday on my phone while waiting patiently for my lovely dinner to be packaged into its to-go container, but never got around to posting it. I added in all the A&A that occurred between then and now.

-When the bottle of detergent is so heavy you have to let out a Serena Williams style ‘uhhhghghghg’ to lift it back up onto the shelf.
-Hugging little kids can be awkward, I try to avoid it at work. You see, I’m tall, five-year olds are short. They tend to wrap their little arms around me and land their hands in some not-so-appropriate places at times. And sometimes those little hands have chalk all over them and they leave a nasty little trail of all the places they’ve been, including the back-end of my white skirt.
-Pretty sure my co-workers think I’m anorexic. I don’t eat around the kids for a very specific reason; as darling and wonderful as they are, kids are down right gross. On a daily basis I pull one child’s hand out of his pants and the others out of his nose. My hands cannot get clean enough, and I probably couldn’t muster up an appetite if I tried. So while the staff eyes me up and down as I don’t partake in the ice cream party, I sit there and stare at sticky hands and watch as kids show a complete disregard for germs, it is NOT ok to pick your ice cream cone up off the floor and eat it, sadly, I might be alone in that thinking.

-I text Clint goodnight almost everyday (although I won’t lie, many nights end with me falling into a FRIENDS induced slumber). One of my favorite things is how he responds. He always tells me to have ‘pretty dreams’. Not sweet, not good, but pretty. I’m sure he thinks nothing of it, or maybe he does, but I love it.
-Our darling kitty, Sydney, stayed at my house over the weekend and it was so adorable. Forcing my sister, Kim, to hold her.. hysterical. From watching little Sydney box with my dangle earrings on my earring stand to snuggling up with her to watch a Braves game, she’s awesome.
-Today is me and Clint’s 78 month anniversary, that’s six and a half years folks. whoop whoop. LOVElove.

This next one I am going to categorize as Awkward and Awesome. Part of my job is helping my students do their homework from school. On occasion I have to brush up on some skills (multiplying fractions and such) and sometimes I find that the simple tasks can be surprisingly hard. Yes, I had to google ‘how to do long division’. People, we live in a calculator world, I got my TI-84 in 9th grade and haven’t looked back since. Anyway, one of my students had a math question that 100% had me. I was awkwardly trying to figure it out, remember I’m supposed to be the all-knowing teacher, and simultaneously freaking out that I could not let this child go home and tell her parents that dumb Miss Kelly couldn’t help with her homework. I have a diploma!! 3rd grade math should be a breeze!

Eventually, I pulled through and solved it. But I’ll give ten million awesome points to anyone else that can do it (because I solved this by extensive trial and error, no rhyme or reason).. so here it goes…

You have 100 pennies, 100 nickels, and 100 dimes. You have to use at least one of each coin. Using exactly 21 coins, make a combination that adds up to exactly $1. How many of each coin did you use?

Good luck peeps, let’s see how awesome you are.

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?


One thought on “Awkward And Awesome.

  1. Awkward: When sitting at a table for lunch/dinner and someone moves their feet and manages to place their foot right on top of yours under the table…..only you don’t immediatly say “ouch!” or “move your foot”, so then you’re left sitting there thinking “should I move my foot? they obviously don’t know they are stepping on my foot, but have I waited too long to not make it awkward?”. Fifteen minutes later, they realize they are stepping on your foot and they say sorry to which you respond, ” Oh really, I didn’t even notice”.

    Awesome: Going to a city you’ve never been in, by yourself and NOT getting lost driving to the hotel.
    Awesome #2: Getting a video of a certain little puppy at home trying to find me…I’ll be home soon little pup!


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