Happy Belated Birthday Bro!

(Yep. That’s a picture of a picture.)

Yesterday was my big bro’s birthday, and since I was Raleigh I missed out on being able to post this on his actual birthday. But I know he won’t mind me being a bit late…

because my brother, is the best brother.

Because he still treats me like his little sister, even though we’re no longer 5 and 10.
Because he once wore a shirt I made that said, ‘I’m with my sister, and we’re having fun!’.
Because I spent years standing on the sidelines and at the finish lines cheering him on.
Because he was great role model for my sister and I, and left us gigantic shoes to fill.
Because as a kid he let me sleep in his room when it would storm at night.
Because even though he moved out years ago I still look in what was his room everyday and miss seeing him in his old blue chair.
Because for the first year Clint and I dated he called him Cliff.
Because he’s marrying a girl who I’ll be happy to see become a Reeves.
Because he’ll one day be that cool uncle.
And despite the fact that he would never let me win at a game of pogs, or jacks, and would always beam the ball at me as hard as he could when playing wall ball; that me being pounded into the floor was a daily occurrence as a kid; that I’m fairly certain he took advantage of my naiveté when trading x-men cards; and that all of these things would still hold true to date.

My brother is the best brother.

And here’s to hoping he had the best birthday.


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