Awkward and Awesome.

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s a short week this week so that’s awesome. Here is some more awkward and awesome for you…

– I was that person. The one that attempts to go down the up escalator. I was one very small step away from a bad moment. I felt less embarrassed about this when I later was going up that same escalator and witnessed two others attempting the same down the up maneuver. 
-When you’re driving and see a pretty little butterfly. Then it gets closer and closer and closer and then, wam bam. Surely it just bounced off my windshield, right? Then you see that mark, the mark that proves that pretty little butterfly is no more.

– Some of the kids at work go to the same Elementary School I went to. This past week several of them showed off their yearbooks to me and I absolutely loved it. I had quite the laugh flipping through the pages, seeing some of the same faces I knew from when I was their age, seeing if the gym teacher I thought was so cute is still so cute, being amazed that my second grade teacher doesn’t look a day older than she did 15 years ago. 
– It turns out one of the most exciting parts of getting married is receiving all the response cards back. I go to the mailbox at least twice a day, hoping to open it and see a pile of small envelopes. When I applied to college I missed out on this joy (my letter went to my Dad’s house) so I’m seriously appreciating it this time around. 


1 thought on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. Awkward: Being on a business trip with one other person (a man) and the waitress continuously calling him your husband no matter how many times you tell her in a serious tone that we’re not married. No lady, we’re not having a married couples tiff, we’re just sick of seeing each other for 15 hours a day.

    Awsome: Sitting in a jacked up rental car in the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts in Allentown, PA and looking across the street to see a memorial cemetary. Standing about 150 yards in front of me is an old man sticking an American flag next to each headstone and saluting…..on down the line he went.


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