Just a thought.

Clint and I attended a new church this past weekend and let’s just say, it’s going on the pro side of the list for my new city. I left feeling excited, relieved and most of all grateful that God pulled through on his promise to provide a church in Raleigh I could grow in my faith at.

The sermon has many great highlights but I actually left my Bible and notebook in Raleigh so I just found the podcast and am going to share his closing remarks that wraps it all up.

(Also, the sermon was titled Peter, and was from the book of John and it was given on my brother Peter John’s birthday, whoa.)

I hope we would be the kind of people who would follow where Christ leads. That we’d hear him say, ”You know what- you be you- with your past, with your shortcomings, with your insecurities, with your fears, you be you, and follow me.” And when we’re tempted to think, but yeah, yeah, yeah, but what about him, what about her, what about them? That we’d hear the voice of Christ say to us, ”What is that to you? You, you follow me.” And we’d have the courage to actually do it.

-Jonathan Bow



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