Fashion Friday.

My laptop is having a seizure. It’s not pretty. And it is the reason why Fashion Friday is taking a serious hit today.

I have been seriously failing on these fashion Friday posts. It started as me just having a busy schedule and not getting in my pictures before sun down, then my lovely photographer left town for a week and now it’s my rage inducing laptop that won’t let me click on my pictures let alone open up my browser to post them. So FF is coming to you via my phone, the most reliable form of technology in my life right now.

Anyways. I made a very conscious effort to be aware of my clothes this week because over the weekend I felt the dreaded words I have nothing to wear rising up in my throat and almost had to give myself a slap of a wake up call.

Here is my one and only picture for the week, it’s nothing amazing but it does show off my shorter, lighter locks. Which has officially become the annual way I kick off Summertime.


What have you all been wearing lately? Any favorite outfits from this past week?



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