51, right?

Not gonna lie here people, for much of my childhood I thought there was 51 states in the US of A. I thought New Jersey wasn’t a state and D.C was. I thought Alaska was about the size of Maine and the whole mid- west was a cluster of the unknown.

Now, I of course know better. In fact I can name all 50 states in under three minutes- this is harder than it sounds, I promise.

Today was Wells Fargo day of caring and since both of my siblings work there I always join in. This year we went to a local Elementary School and painted the states on their blacktop. This is something my Elementary School had as well but I always just layed down in California and called recess a win. Hopefully the kids at this school will venture out more.


Now go get yourself a piece of paper and a stop watch. Can you name all 50?



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