Awkward and Awesome.

Two words for you today folks.

New Laptop. 

Yay yay yay. I could not be more excited to have finally laid my old computer to rest and purchase myself a brand spankin’ new laptop. Thrilled. Excited. Slightly more broke than I was before. But mostly just thankful for the little things, like being able to type a sentence and not have it be deleted half way through, and actually being able to click things instead of having that darn clicker be stuck in clicking mode. I had forgotten what it feels like to be able to type freely and not worry about my cursor finding itself a new place to unleash my words. New laptop is awesome.

Here are so other awesome things, and of course, the awkward.

-I happen to really dislike having my hair done. Which is why more often than not, my highlights are half way down my head and meeting up with those ever-growing split ends. I’m not sure what it is specifically that has caused me to wait longer and longer in between cuts but it just might be a combination of many things. That little black cape they put on you that can make even the smallest person look like they have a neck the size of a tree trunk. The chairs that just can never get low enough resulting in me having to awkwardly slouch down low in the chair so the person can see the top of my head. That moment right after they wash your hair and then proceed to shove that towel into your ears to get the soap out (I always am about half a second away from squirming right out of the chair when this occurs). And then, there is the blow dryer. I could go on and on and on about this but I’ll just say this… sometimes it’s just too hot and never can I hold a conversation while that thing is on and anywhere near my head. I also believe my Locks of Love experience in High School has permanently scared me, as I contend it would for any girl who walked out looking like Bon Jovi.
– I’ve been going for run’s after work a bit and while that itself isn’t awkward, what is awkward is how I feel as I’m rounding into my driveway. I basically pray that no one I know will come driving past because I look and feel like I am slowly falling apart limb by limb. Holding my collar-bone with one hand, holding up my iPod strap that will never get small enough with the other arm. I’m basically giving myself a big old running hug. I am positive I look ridiculous for 90% of my running time.

-Did I mention I got a new laptop? Ok. Awesome.
– Yesterday Clint and I did our engagement photos with our awesome wedding photography team. I’m not sure yet because I haven’t seen any pictures, but I’m fairly certain we’re good at looking in love.
-I like to make Sydney (our kitty) dance to the tune of tropical music. It’s too cute not to do it.

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?



2 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. So happy for you and your new computer! There’s nothing more frustrating then a laptop thats on it’s own agenda.
    So here’s the low down on the a&a in my life:
    The papersource. I found myself gawking at new stamps and paper yesterday and promptly came home and made 20 cards. I am hoping that they will bring joy to somebody’s mailbox.

    The Olympics. I don’t know about anyone else but I am more than excited to start watching some wicked fast USA men & women compete for gold. I get excited everytime I see advertisements on abc.

    All runners have experienced this. The oh my gosh I gotta go and I gotta go now feeling when there is absolutely no bathroom in a 2 mile radius.

    I find it awkward asking for someone to bring you a gift back from a trip. But I mean come on if your going to Seattle and you are checking out the flagship north face store you have to bring me back at least a new tee!


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