Welcome To My Office.

As many of you know, I have spent the past 9 months or so working at a children’s ministry. I have shared a handful of the memories I have made while at my job and I thought it would be fun to show you all where it is I actually go everyday. So, I welcome you to my office. It’s not your average cubicle with papers shuffled across the desk. It is a classroom, one that looks like a rainbow walked in and exploded. I have no excel sheets stacked to the ceiling, I have children’s artwork and glitter that never seems to disappear. It gets dirty quicker than anything I’ve ever seen, it can in no way shape or form steady itself at a good room temperature, and it is certainly far from what I thought my first office would look like. But it’s been mine. And it’s housed many great moments with my students. And I do believe it is the best first office I could have ever found myself in.

I like to decorate my door. When I begin interviewing for advertising jobs and they ask how I’ve kept up with my skills, I’ll be flashing them pictures of my classroom door. They have kind of been my pride and joy of the room throughout the year. Up there we also have the bulletin that I played art director to. You try getting 11, 8-10 year olds to develop a theme and then creatively execute it onto a giant sheet of paper, it warrants the title art director. And that painting, it involved hours upon hours upon hours of leaning over that sheet, mixing paint, and going over many, many outside of the line errors. It’s the town of Bethlehem and was the centerpiece to our Christmas program. I won’t lie, I’m tempted to take this home with me when I leave.

Here you can see how I took paper snowflake making to the extreme. It became an art form, and involved a LOT of googling. Is that a verb? And yes, that is a picture of John Kennedy behind my door. We have a Presidential Fun Fact wall. My kids can name the first 20 or so Presidents in order. Wam bam. They refer to good old Pres. Kennedy as the old school Bruno Mars. Initially I tried explaining that, that man was a U.S President, but really, sometimes they just get it right. I’ve referred to him as Bruno on more than one occasion.  Anyways, there is also our class travel map. Each student is represented by a color and they place a dot on all the different places they have traveled. I had quite a few laughs watching the kids trying to identify the places they have visited. And I thought I had a poor sense of direction. One of my students insists they have been to Hawaii, a quick trip with their family to dog-sit for some friends of the family. I spent at least 20 minutes scouring the map for any towns in NC called Hawaii… surely my darling 4th grader is mistaken. They have never backed down on this story. I’ve held off on bringing it up to their mother, casually asking about the quick trip to the Aloha state. But I digress, you can also see a snip it of the color explosion that has occurred in my classroom as well as our character words that are plastered all across the room. Each week we have one word (Honesty, Kindness, etc..) that the students define and then we use the word as the basis for our bible study. Then the word goes up on the wall and when a certain student needs to be reminded of what something is, they can go up to the word and see how themselves and their classmates, as well as the bible, have defined this word. Our Respect piece is just about falling off the wall it’s been visited so frequently. Eventually those darn kids will start saying please and thank you, right?

Yesterday I let the kids tear down all of our classroom decorations. I have to do this before my last day and as I had assumed, they enjoyed doing it a whole lot more than I would have, and in record time. Months of crafts in the trashcan in 5 minutes. You can insert the sad face right here.

Now you’ve seen my not-so-office-like, office. It will likely be a long time before I have an office again with three windows. I will probably never have an office so big. I will surely never have an office that had new carpet and new tables donated to it. And I wonder now if I’ll ever have an office that I get this excited to walk into. “Miss Kelly’s room” has treated me right.


4 thoughts on “Welcome To My Office.

  1. You can come and decorate my office anytime you want. They (your students) were also blessed to have you as there teacher as well.


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