Awkward and Awesome.


-Not remembering I have my wedding dress fitting until my phone gives me a ten minute reminder. Can’t help but feel like a bride that dropped the ball on that one.
-Mosquito bites on your feet. Horrible. Terrible. Inconvenient. I’ve never had a mosquito bite on my face but I’d imagine that’s the only place that could be more awful than having them on your feet.


-Going into Panera and the puppy is in the backseat. Coming out of Panera and the puppy looks like she’s driving the car. Sadly I left my phone in the car and wasn’t able to snap a picture. I’ll just sum it up as adorable.
-I have a serious appreciation for organization. I am an organizer. People who aren’t organized confuse me. When I find someone who is organized like myself and also appreciative of my organization I have an awesome moment. Passport office man and I had quite the chat about my preparedness and how we wish everyone else out there could just get on with the organized way of life.
-On my last day of work we had a giant water balloon/ shaving cream fight. I told the kiddos I wasn’t down for the fight, I’d strictly be an onlooker. Well it turns out when you tell one girl she can put one spot of shaving cream on your leg, it turns into you be covered head to toe, and in between the toes. The kids obviously enjoy smothering the teachers more than they do each other. Fairly certain my hair still has that minty shaving cream smell.

What’s been awkward and awesome lately? 


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