Weekend Wrap Up.

One day. Two blog posts.
You are welcome.

I pulled together a photo collage to showcase my weekend and figured since it was all complete I might as well throw it up here on the bloggy blog. For you’re viewing pleasure…

I got to spend time with my favorite puppy, my favorite kitty, and of course my most favorite fiancé. Clint and I picked up our wedding bands. They are fitted, engraved, shining and ready to be exchanged 🙂 We played a bit of tennis and of course enjoyed some yummy eats. I also threw in a sequence of pictures for you all. This is to show you what it’s really like to take pictures with Clint. It basically involves me taking a picture, Clint refusing for at least three times and then if I get it at just the right moment we have ourselves a nice little photo. It’s a process. And it fills up my phones memory. But I love all our little outtakes. We also managed to run across what I’m referring to as “the giant dog convention”. A big group of people convened at a local shopping center and they all had gigantic dogs. Like, mega giant dogs. I’d be afraid to stand near one, let alone have one as my pet. God Bless the people who take those giant things into their homes.

What did you all do this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up.

  1. Great style of photos! What kind of camera/lense/filter do you use? I just picked up an old Brownie film camera at a garage sale- keen to see how the photos turn out!


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