Awkward and Awesome.

Whoa now bay bay, I have been M.I.A. 

I’m back from my mini-vacay y’all. Clint and I spent a long weekend at the beach with my family and then sped back up to Raleigh for the rest of the week. (Some of us have to work- him, not me). Now I’m back in town and back in touch with my laptop. Figured it’d be a good way to catch back up by diving back in to A&A.


-An 80 degrees apartment. I fed the kitty ice cubes while holding cold wash cloths to my head. Just imagine how cute we looked when Clint arrived home from work.
-Finding out that our perfect rehearsal dinner venue has been purchased and is closing this week. Well that is just fan-freaking-tastic. Now we’re back on the grind of trying to find the next best perfect place, all the while seeming like the kind of people who are waiting till the absolute last-minute to book a venue. I promise restaurant people, we’re more prepared than we seem.
-Sleeping on an air mattress. It is so horrendous. I tend to wake up with my body contorted in ways that are not natural, it’s just trying so hard to find a comfortable place! It provokes a serious appreciation for my bed.


-I went in to work to sub this week and found out I had been awarded employee of the month for last month. I’d say that’s a pretty awesome way to bow-out.
-While I was staying with Clint I got to play assistant and rode around with him to his appointments. Having sing-a-long solo sessions waiting in the car, sitting amongst impatient patients of a hospital waiting room, writing e-mails on the blackberry while he drives; it’s all in the life of a fake assistant-investigator. It was blissful. I mostly enjoyed getting to see him in his professional clothes.. so handsome.
-This past weekend some family and friends threw Clint and I a wedding shower. We are beyond blessed and loved and surrounded by astoundingly generous people. And perhaps maybe just a little tiny bit spoiled.
-Clint and I bought our very first kitchen table. It will be the place we share our many many meals together as newlyweds and years to come. I cannot wait for the love and fellowship we will share together at that table. And it’s pretty :]

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?


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