Awkward and Awesome.

I’m in an awesome mood so I figured it’s no better time than now to write the A&A for the week.


-I made the mistake of watching the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. I then proceeded to gag for half an hour. I can hardly eat one hot dog, so watching a bunch of people basically breath in hot dogs was more than I could take. Apparently this is a talent- I’ll leave that particular skill for the rest of the world to conquer.
-I was driving to meet a friend yesterday when I drove past two teenage girls walking down the sidewalk in their bras! What?!What?!What?! Now ladies, I know it’s been a bit hot out, but really, switching out those black skin-tight jeans for shorts and converse shoes for sandals is a much better option than pulling the shirt off and letting your goodies hang out. I of, course do not condone this, however, if you’re planning to go bra-walking let’s try to pick something a bit more flattering out.
-Clint and I were downtown for church on Sunday and went for a little walk afterwards, and what did we stumble upon?! Oh you know, just a homeless man, smoking crack, on a bench in the middle of the sidewalk. That homeless man has clearly thrown shame to the curb. FYI I, innocently, thought the man had a lollipop stick in his mouth, it was Clint who filled me in on what was really going down.
-On the fourth of July my sister, Kim, and I sat on our driveway and watched the neighbors shoot off big time fireworks. Free, convenient, and kind of hilarious. See, the neighbors were shooting them off from the middle of the street, and we live towards the beginning of the neighborhood. So car after car after car comes rolling onto the street in the dark of the night and one after another we watched as at the absolute last moment they swerved to miss running over fireworks, sometimes one’s that were lit. We pretty much made a game of it, guessing which cars would see them in time to dodge and which ones we thought clearly had too much speed, and too much of a cell phone distraction in some cases, to be aware. One car ran over that stuff without a single tap of the breaks. We contemplated getting out there and playing airport tarmac guide style traffic patrols.


-The next time I see Clint it will be one week till our wedding! It seems absolutely unreal already. So so so so excited.
-Going to Michael’s and every single item I buy is on sale. When the most expensive thing is a $4 ink pad, it’s a good trip. Woohoo. I am becoming quite the little DIY wedding decorations guru.
-The Barefoot Contessa. She’s so pretentious and I love it. When I’m cooking and imagine myself on the Food Network (You all do it too, don’t lie), I am always in good old Ina’s Hampton kitchen whipping something up in the middle of the day.

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?



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