I’m a 23rd-er.

Today is my twenty-third birthday! 
That’s 23 on the 23rd which kind of makes it extra special.
23 also happens to be one of my favorite numbers.
And Clint was also born on the 23rd.
And we started dating on the 23rd.
And he proposed on the 23rd.
So 23 is kinda my number.

I am a 23rd-er.

I love myself a birthday, it doesn’t necessarily have to be my own, that just makes me love them even more. This years birthday is more than likely going to go down as the forgotten birthday as all hands are on deck to get ready for my pending nuptials and my birthday really is just another day to check off on my way to becoming a Mrs. But I have to say, I’ve never been more excited to have a birthday. Because this Saturday I am getting married and started my twenty-third year off right.

I’m looking forward to you 23. 


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