Have you heard?

Tomorrow I’m marrying my best friend.
And we’re going to become Mr & Mrs.

Nearly seven years ago I met a guy, it turns out, this was the guy that God had custom-made just for me. He is the embodiment of all the things I aspire to be. I love my sweet man, I respect my dedicated better half, and I am in awe of my loving soon-to-be husband. In the past seven months there have been countless hours poured into making the day everything Clint and I ever hoped it could be. There has been blood, sweat and tears and hopefully on the other side of it all will be  something beautiful. Not just a wedding that looks nice, but a wedding that shows a reflection of God’s love for us, in our love for each other. And beyond that, a marriage that could have only been put together by Him. With God as our wedding planner, I know tomorrow will be more than I ever could have dreamed, and I simply can’t wait to say…

I do.


2 thoughts on “Have you heard?

  1. Mrs. Propst and I wish you both the very best. We knew you as individuals first and thought you both were great. We think you are even greater as a couple — and that will take you very far down the road of life, indeed.


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