Awkward & Awesome.

It’s been wayyy too long since I’ve done an A&A! Trust me, it’s not from lack of content. I usually keep little notes in my phone of all the awkwardly awesome things that happen in my life and my list is quite long so I’ve just chosen some of my favorites to get me back into the A&A swing of things.


-A little while back I was home and had some free time so I decided to see what movies were OnDemand. To my delight, I saw that One Day was available. Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess. Win-win. And it was. Right up until the end, when that movie decided to take one little twist and rip my heart right out. I cried, sobbed rather; the mascara ran, the tissues were brought in, it was not pretty. And now the sight of either of them just makes my heart melt.
-In the excruciating process of changing my name I had to visit the wonderful place that is the Social Security Office. It was pretty dreadful. I was sitting next to another young lady who was most likely the only other person in the room who spoke the same language as me. She was there changing her name as well, this casually came up in the “Do I have the right form?” conversation that took place between us. Trying to be all nice and cheerful I asked her when she got married… this is when I learned that not everyone is living life in newlywed bliss, some people are bitter divorcees. “I’m getting divorced…”.. accompany that with a look that partnered disgust with total and complete disdain, and the tone, ohh the tone, that’s where you have the end of our conversation. And me, sitting there, with my foot in my mouth, and another hour of waiting. The next day at the DMV I thought it best to bury myself into my phone and focus on pinning.


-Baking makes me really happy. This week oatmeal chocolate chip cookies did the trick.
-I recently was driving around and found myself behind an old station wagon. I shared a little giggle with myself thinking about how badly I used to want my family to have one of these, for one very specific reason, the back seats that turn around to face backwards. When I was little there was pretty much nothing as cool as that turned around back seat. I always imagined those lucky kids felt like they were tucked away in the back of the car in their own trendy little club. I haven’t seen one of these backseats in quite some time but I’m sure they are still pretty awesome.
-I have discovered a serious perk of little-apartment living. I can plug our vacuum into one outlet and it manages to reach every last corner of our apartment. I am very serious. This is slightly sad, partially pathetic and all the way awesome. I kind of really hate to vacuum, but this is mostly just because I can’t stand having to go back and forth pulling the plug out (although seriously, I usually end up just pulling the vacuum too far away and unplug it as I scoot down the hallway). Now, lil’ apartment has proven that sometimes small is better, or at least a bit more convenient.
-Today equals one month of marriage for me and my mister. I still like him, so I figure that’s good :]

What’s been awkward and awesome in your life lately?



Aside from endless job searching, lots of cooking, and some successful ventures of navigating my new city- here is what’s been going on lately.. at least according to my phone.

And here is my best attempt to recap all that.

  • A new city, a new Harris Teeter to conquer. It’s been several slow trips where me and my shopping cart have gone up and down the aisles over and over again, but gradually I’m figuring it out.
  • Our adorable little salt and pepper shakers my mom bought us. They are the official salt&pepper of breakfast.
  • My number at the DMV, 194. When I got there they were servicing 162. It was a slow and painful wait, literally, the chairs at the DMV, no bueno.
  • My brother is getting married soon which has meant bridal showers for his bride. This has also meant reasons to have little day trips to see my family. 🙂
  • I have been seriously spoiled at the mailbox. Between my mom and my friends, I get the sweetest surprise every time I check the mail. And I LOVE a handwritten letter.
  • Clint and I take nightly walks to the mailbox. It’s sweet. He’s sweet.
  • Our little kitty loves popcorn, the packing kind and the popping kind.

What did everyone do this weekend?

Jamaica, mon.

Today is a rainy, soggy, cloudy, sweat pant wearing kind of day. So I’m taking today to look back on our sun-filled, sea-breeze, sand in your bathing suit, margarita filled honeymoon to Jamaica.

We went sailing. To a private beach. With a waterfall. Enough said.

Ok, that’s actually not enough said because I have to take a moment to gush over this adventure. I LOVE sailing, I think it epitomizes that idea of being carefree. So I was in love with this little trip the moment we set sail. We sailed our way through the Caribbean and wound up at a small little private beach (owned by the estate of Ian Fleming; that’s the James Bond author, people.) And this little beach was also home to its own waterfall… and security team… so our visit was quick, but it was GORGEOUS.

We also took a bike ride down Blue Mountain. The home of Blue Mountain coffee. Let me just say, blue mountain coffee ON blue mountain, is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had. Our bike ride was slightly interrupted by some rainfall but it ended just in time for us to take in the waterfall that was our final destination. Are you seeing a theme here? We love waterfalls. Through much hesitation and with a lot of goosebumps, I swam in my second Jamaican waterfall…after all, it’s not everyday you get to jump into a waterfall.

There are some pictures of me actually in the water but I pretty much just look like I’m freezing, not so cute. Also, we were basically the only people on our little bike tour to get into the water, which meant there were about 20 people just watching the two of us splash around, slightly awkward.

I held a parrot. But more importantly, I swam with a dolphin! This is something I have wanted to do for so long, and have come this close to doing before. You see, about 10 years ago my family went on a cruise with a pit stop in Jamaica, we went on our way to Dolphin Cove pumped up for our time to swim with the dolphins, only to get there and find out we were actually only watching other people swim with the dolphins. Really, this shouldn’t even be an option. I was pretty crushed. So when Clint and I decided on Jamaica for our honeymoon we knew that swimming with the dolphins was a must. Our dolphins name was Richie, he was a ten-year old cuban who spoke spanish and liked cigars. He was soft, slippery and sweet as can be. And they don’t allow cameras in the dolphin area so you’ll just have to take my word on all of that.

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the art that is towel animals.

Our resort was amazing. It was gorgeous and well kept and everyone was so kind. From days spent sipping drinks and dominating at some beach volleyball to dancing the night away to reggae music, we love Jamaican people. They are so enthusiastic and full of life. And when Bolt won the 100 meter gold medal, the place basically went ballistic. People were running around screaming, Jamaican flags were waving like crazy and the cheers were loud. We loved where we stayed and we fell in love with the Jamaican people… even if Clint pretty much can’t understand a word they say, it’s fun to watch him try.

This was actually on the plane on the way back home. It’s probably right around the middle of my biggest freak out moment while flying. And thankfully, and my most favorite part of my honeymoon, I had my husband there :] I got to have so many great experiences in such a great place with my absolutely great husband. I’m so thankful for him, a man who, while I’m in serious terrified flyer mode, shows me pictures on my phone that can only make me smile. He’s patient with me through my biggest fear and made our trip that much more enjoyable for me.

Where do you all want to travel to?










Conscious. Deliberate. Intended. Knowing. Purposeful. Willed.

The English language has about a quarter of a million known words, and intentional just became one of my favorites.

It was one year ago, almost to the day, that I was baptized. Twenty-two years earlier, again, almost to the day, I was baptized as a child. It was over two decades in the making for me to come to make a decision on my own that had previously been made for me. It didn’t take twenty-two years for me to believe in Jesus Christ, but it did take that long to stop talking myself out of it.

In one way or another, I’ve been a part of a church for most of my life. It wasn’t until I started attending my church that I was truly being challenged to create a relationship with God. In many ways I felt inadequate to be in such a place. I had been dealt a faith from the beginning and I threw in my cards. For my first few years at my church I felt like such an outsider, I saw all these other people, knee-deep in faith, and others whose slates were washed clean, given fresh starts. There I stood, wading up to my ankles, in a faith where the tide was preparing to change, whether it was going in or out, I had to wait to find out.

Four years ago I watched Clint get baptized at our church, a year later, my college roommate. Why was it so easy for everyone else to make this outward declaration of faith? Why couldn’t I make my legs move when they called for people to step forward and stand up in faith? Why couldn’t I tell myself to do what I knew my heart desired? And why did it still take another two years before I could stop cringing when I found out it was that time of year again?

Our church does spontaneous baptisms, meaning you don’t know they are happening till the pastor walks out wearing swim trunks and flip-flops. This also means you can’t plan for them. And in my case, this means you can miss them because you’re away at college. The moment I found out I had missed the baptisms last year was also, in some weird twist, the same moment I discovered how ready I was to be baptized. I was so sad that I had missed out. I couldn’t bear the thought of waiting another year to take that step in my faith. I had grown closer to God than ever before and I wanted the world to know it. I wanted all the glory of my life to go to God and I NEEDED to be baptized. The next weekend Clint and I were back in Charlotte, and just like He does, I was surprised, shocked, and ecstatic to go to church that Sunday and find myself at an encore baptism weekend. In August of 2011 I was baptized. It looked a little something like this…

It was merely a small moment of my life, but I have thought of that moment almost every single day for the last year and I have continued to learn more and more of what it meant as I grow.

For quite some time I thought I was going to live a Plan B life. Not the life God had created for me, but the, life hands you lemons type life. It wasn’t until this past year that I found out the truth, God doesn’t’ have a Plan B, He never has, because God is intentional. He has a Plan A and he never deviates from it, because he is very deliberate in all that He does. It may have taken years upon years upon years for me to openly let God into my life, but He already knew it would, and he planned it that way. God is a Plan A type of God and not me or anyone else with all their might could ever change that.

Genesis 1:27 reads

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him…

With great intention, God created each and every one of us in a reflection of him. We were made with intention, to live intentionally. We were not created to be the same people. We were created to be individuals, defined by our differences, and united by our purposeful lives. I desire to live a life with a fraction of the intention God showed. A year later I am in an all new place, the place of unemployed housewife. A clear path ahead of me with limitless opportunities. It is far from where I thought I’d be at 23 but what I know now, is that this is still God’s Plan A for me. He has put me here, in this place, at this time, for a very specific reason. He has given me everything, with great intention and intentionally, I will live my Plan A life.
I want to live life with a drive,
with a purpose,
with a passion,
with a heart full of intention. 





That’s Mrs. Simpson to you.

That’s right people, my days as a Miss are behind me.


On July 28th I married the man of my dreams and I officially became, Mrs Simpson. We got home from our honeymoon yesterday and I can’t wait to share the wonderful adventures of our trip and the incredible details of our magical wedding. Signing off for tonight…

Mrs Simpson 🙂