Fashion Friday- Inspired.

For Fashion Friday this week I decided to use some inspiration to pull an outfit together. This week’s inspiration is…

Monochromatic outfits, and in this particular case, I’m going all out denim.

I’ve really been feeling monochromatic outfits lately, I think some people just really seem to pull together all the right pieces in the perfect set of shades. When I decided I was going to   try to pull off a one-colored outfit I initially wanted to do something fun, red! yellow! green! After doing some inspiration searching on these I found out two things… all those outfits are much easier said than done, and two, does anyone out there wear something other than white or black with a pair of red pants. I searched for a cute red pant outfit for quite some time with very little luck. So I finally came upon the conclusion that blue would probably be the easiest color to begin with, and that kind of just snowballed into a denim outfit. I opted to not wear a denim shirt, mostly because it would just be too hot. So here is this weeks attempt at a monochromatic outfit.

This week I went blue, what color is right for you?!


Bon Appétit.


Ina Garten.
Rachel Ray.
Giada De Laurentiis.
Kelly Simpson?

Okay, so maybe I’m not quite a top chef just yet, but I did work at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant for a solid three months in high school- something had to set in, right? Aside from my love for the food network I had spent very little time in the kitchen till two months ago. Upon getting married I not only began a relationship with my husband, but with our kitchen as well. I’ve actually always loved cooking I just never really did much with it, I’m far more likely to be found in the kitchen at 10 at night whipping up some brownies.

Since getting married and becoming the un-official chef of our little family I have tried tons of new recipes. And not one single meal has come out of a box. This is kind of a big deal for me considering that’s how I cooked my way through college. My Mister is a little bit of a food snob who won’t eat instant anything. So that means homemade everything, including fried rice, which was super intimidating until I actually got to making it. We’ve only had one meal that went horribly wrong. We received a crock-pot for our wedding and I was so so so eager to use it. I found a recipe for orange chicken, which Clint and I both love. 8 hours in the slow-cooker and a day filled with little sneaks to see how it was all coming together, and we finally were sitting down to dinner. I took half a bite, Clint took one bite, and then we ordered ourselves a pizza and Clint hit the road to get our back-up dinner, while I tossed our original dish in the trash. I haven’t tried the crock-pot again.

After two months of marriage, here is a bit of what we’ve been enjoying.

What are all of your favorite recipes? Share the food love!









Wish List Wednesday.

1: herehere 2: here 3: here

I am currently dressing myself with a bit of wishful thinking each day. I might be telling myself it’s a bit colder than it truly is. But it’s ok, because me and my scarves are super committed to each other and a bit of sunny weather won’t be breaking us up anytime soon. I have managed to hold off on putting on my boots (mostly because they are still back in Charlotte with most of my cold-weather wardrobe) but I’ll be reunited with those soon.

Here is what I’ve currently had my eye on.

Denim Dress- I kind of think denim is the best thing ever. It’s my go-to fabric for fall. I’ve been doing a lot of searching lately for the perfect denim dress but I have to admit, it hasn’t been easy. Both of the dresses up there are from UK-based companies so that’s not exactly helpful to my search but I think they are fab. I’m feeling a denim dress, patterned leggings, boots and scarf outfit like you wouldn’t believe. So if any of you have found a stylish, affordable, USA-based denim dress drop me a link in the comments. :]

Colored Skinny Belt- First things first, these belts are from the Gap, and literally every single time I even look at I can hear Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love telling me to “be better than the Gap”. Five years ago I would have disagreed with him but good old Gap has just taken one big nose-dive. I don’t know what happened to that place but these belts were literally the only thing on the whole website that interested me. All I have to say to them is you better bring these kids back this year, because they are the best thing you’ve done in years. Now on to the belts. I love these little pops of color and think the fabric is great for the crisper days that fall throws our way. What? What’s that you say? These little belts would look great wrapped around my denim dress? I agree! I think I’d snatch up the fuchsia first then go for the royal blue. I think those two just really pop. Which color would you add to your fall wardrobe first?

IIIBeCa Bag- I’ll be calling this the give back bag. Not only are these bags well made and offered in a variety of colors. But along with being super cute, 3% of what you spend on the bag is then given back out to charity. You can check out more of her bags, and more from the IIIBeCa collection on her website. I particularly love this cross-body bag and don’t think I could possibly pick just one color! My instinct would be to go with the tan one because it’s so versatile but that’s exactly why I have myself a closet stacked with brown bags. I LOVE the colors and I NEED the colors. What color would you all pick? That green might just be too good not to have it.

What have you all been wishing for lately?

Awkward & Awesome.


In a nut shell, I never do fashion Friday anymore because I look not cute most days, so we’ll just start seeing the more put-together days as we go.

Today is Tuesday so let’s get straight to A&A.


-Just about being the only person in Target to not have a toddler sitting shotgun in their cart. I guess that’s what you get for going to a Target at 2:00 on a Monday. I received two different kinds of looks. One, from the Mothers who felt pity on me. How sad that little old me didn’t have a Little Me to brighten up my day. To them I say, no thank you. Then we had the Mothers who looked at me with visible envy. As I carelessly walked up and down the aisles tossing things other than diapers and wet wipes into my cart. I could feel the stares as that set of Mothers glared into my shopping cart. I was ready to leave, and that rarely happens in Target.
-As if the Army of aggressive Mothers wasn’t enough, I had one of the strangest encounters of my life. I’ll leave out most of the details because there are many but I found myself being approached by two ladies, most likely my age minus a year or so. In my naive and apparently slightly narcissistic ways, I thought they were going to compliment me on my scarf or something (that particular scarf gets a lot of compliments) but no. I was so far off. These two ladies decided they were going to strike up a conversation with me about the Lord’s bride. When they first brought it up you can’t even imagine the thoughts reeling through my head-are they about to make a comparison? do they think I’m her? why are they standing so close?! oh my gosh they just got even closer! am I about to get lady-napped?!! could anyone hear me if I screamed?!!! but mostly I just thought, ‘what would Jesus do?’ and decided to hear them out. After all it probably wouldn’t be best to spew a lie to get out of a bible-based conversation… but believe me, the wheels were churning on that one. So about 10 minutes into our conversation, countless references to stories in the Bible, a bit of biting my tongue to keep from getting argumentative, a whole lot of attempting to shimmy backwards (seriously, I do not do close talkers, especially not two of them at once) and I was asked to read a piece of scripture out loud off one of the girl’s phone… did I mention I was in the card aisle? You know, the smallest aisle in the whole store. Where there are always without a doubt crowds of people standing just about on top of you. Yep. Right there in the middle of the card aisle, with the crowd of Mothers, I was being pulled into a conversation and desperately trying to climb my way out of it. All the while trying to keep my cart out of the card-reading shoppers way. Everything about it was awkward. The conversation, the people, the location. Once I finally got that exchange wrapped up I all but ran for the check out. I even took a short cut through the little girls clothing, and said a little thanks to the Target Gods for having most of their stores set up the same.


-The Mister was gone over the weekend for a work conference which meant two things. One, I got to fall asleep to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives each night. Two, I got to cook myself a dinner that came out of a box. Prepared dinner amazingness. Food really does taste better when someone else makes it.. even if it is Betty Crocker.
-I’ve been seriously wanting some Sunflowers lately. They radiate fall beauty and our lil’ apartment needed some brightening up. When I went to Harris Teeter yesterday my Sunflower radar immediately brought my over to the flower/balloon art counter where I spotted the perfect set of sunflowers. They were perfect. So I swooped them up and tossed them in my cart, and guess what you guys… those little bursts of sunshine were half off. Thank you managers special for my $5 flowers, they just got even more awesome.

A hole in the wall.

Two holes to be exact.
I just hung this up in our apartment, and it’s kind of a big deal.

You see, I’ve kind of had this anti-hole-in-the-wall mentality since moving to Raleigh. The less stuff we have to take down, the easier it is for us to leave (and if you can’t tell, I’m not exactly a fan of my new city just yet).

So, for the past two-ish months I’ve avoided putting ANYTHING on the walls. Our apartment is basically bare. This has been a bit strange for me, I come from a place of having a giant beach mural on my wall. I am all about having things on the walls.

Yesterday I had a moment. In this moment I realized that I needed to put a hole in the wall. I haven’t been feeling at home here in my new place. I’ve actually felt quite out-of-place. I’ve prayed consistently that God would open my eyes to what my purpose is here in Raleigh. I am confident that He has brought Clint and I to this new place for His glory. The thing is, I’ve been sitting here in Raleigh waiting for God to leave a letter in the mailbox, detailing my next step, telling me exactly what my purpose is here. The problem is, I’m not currently in a place to receive what He has for me here. It’s like I haven’t changed my address yet and that letter keeps getting sent back. I’ve been so focused on how I miss my hometown, and how I don’t feel at peace here that I’ve left no room for God to step in and pour His love, wisdom, grace, and many other things into my life.

Today, I put two holes in the wall. It took less than five minutes and all it really did was add a bit of umph to a bare wall in our bedroom; but for me, it’s a step in the direction of letting God work miracles through me, no matter where I am. For all I know, I am supposed to spend the rest of my life in Raleigh, and if that is His plan, than it shall be. I am committing to a life of living. Living where I am, while I’m there, each and every day.

With two holes in the wall, I have committed.