Awkward & Awesome.

This week’s A&A is coming to you from a very comfortable spot on my couch. A homemade chocolate milkshake to my right, a peaceful sleeping husband to my left, and one of my guilty pleasures on the t.v. I’m watching Julie&Julia for the umpteenth time this month. While I kind of think the movie is horrible and I sort of can’t stand Meryl Streep in it, I also just love it. And since it is partially about a woman and her blog, I thought it no better time than now to pay a bit of attention to my own blog.

On a side note- my brother, sister and I tried making Julia Child’s beef bourguignon a few years back.. it was horrendous.


-At some point last week Clint had asked me to make him a milkshake. I scurry into the kitchen and start whipping it up. I actually use the handy-dandy little milkshake attachment for our hand mixer. I pull the concoction together in what is actually a cocktail shaker but hey, it’s metal, it’s large, and it kind of makes me feel like I’m at an old Soda Shoppe. But oh, I’m not. Because at those old soda shoppes no one ever takes just a second to grab their beeping cell phone and manages to spin their milkshake all over the kitchen. On the stove, on the floor, on the carpet outside of the kitchen, on the napkins, on the wall, on myself and even on the kitty. No worries, she was the first thing I cleaned. To say I made a mess is a serious understatement. Lesson learned, milkshake making is not to be interrupted by technology.
-I realize we are getting close to election time and the past two weeks have been jam-packed full of what I’ll just refer to as political pep-rallies, but I need to get up on my soap box for just one moment here. I have never and will never discuss my political views on this blog, or on any other form of social media ::cough cough, Facebook:: and it would make my day if other people didn’t either. The first reason is this, the political Facebook fights that take place make everyone involved look idiotic and juvenile and quite frankly, from half the things I’ve seen, most of you political Facebook fighters shouldn’t be allowed to vote, it’s startling. Second of all, more often than not, you are not helping create a more informed public- and this is what we desperately need. If you’re going to get vocal, or rather social, on politics, do a little fact checking, please, and thank you. Oh, and let’s try to be a tad less judgmental of people who fall on the other side of the political spectrum, we’re all hoping for the same thing here folks, a greater America.


-On that political note I’ll say I was pretty glued to the DNC, and not for what you think. I was ¬†picking through every screenshot looking for a sight of my beloved city, Charlotte.
-I got my new license (and new SS card for that matter) which means I am now 100% legally, officially, all the way Mrs. Kelly Simpson. I’m working on the autograph :] (Small tidbit of info… my picture is slightly ridiculous, my head is seriously cocked at a 45 degree angle, thanks for the heads up on that one DMV lady.)
-My sister, Kim, came to visit two weekends ago which made her our very first guest. For someone who doesn’t really know their way around Raleigh, I did my best to play hostess and introduce her to my new home.

Signing off, back to my milkshake, my movie, and my mister. What a combo.

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?


4 thoughts on “Awkward & Awesome.

  1. awkward: starbucks outings are now awkward. Day 1 at starbucks this week a lady brought her pet bird on a leash and then let it sit on her head. Day 2, two middle aged people were way too physical, I mean starbucks is NOT a place to suck face!!
    awkward as well: Dean and deluca lady: I said a handful of candy not $7 dollars worth! now what do i do with all this candy?!


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