Wish List Wednesday.

I haven’t done a WLW in forever, but trust me, it’s not from a lack of goodies on my wish list. Today, I spent a solid 45 minutes in the dressing room at Target just pretending like I had lots of money to spend (I’d like to imagine that even if I did have tons of money to my name I’d still be down to earth enough to buy half my wardrobe from Target.) I may have walked away empty-handed from the one-stop-shop today but here are some other things I’m hoping to scoop up soon.


Turquoise Chair- Are you guys seeing this turquoise chair? I am, I’m seeing it right in the corner of my bedroom. I can seriously see myself plopping down on this chair at the end of a long day and kicking off my shoes. They’d be Louboutin’s and my bedroom would be 3 times bigger than it is now, but those are just minor details. The important thing is that I get this chair, and then, that I make room for it. It kind of has to happen.

Fall Purse- I have been on the prowl lately for a new fall bag. My brown target bag has seen too many seasons now and I’m ready to start carrying around something new. My favorite thing about this bag… it’s wearing a sweater! It’s ready for fall and wants to join me as I take on the cool crisp Autumn air. It’s from Anthropology which unfortunately means I need for it to go on major, major sale, before I can start considering it, but I figure a purse is an everyday thing so it’s a bit more okay to have the occasional splurge, right?!

Vanity Tray- Currently my jewelry situation is not pretty. Most of what has made it to my new home is sprawled across our dresser and it’s just not pretty- but these vanity trays are. I have necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and other such things laying out in the most organized way I can manage but at times, it’s just a bit annoying. And when I’m cleaning it’s just gosh darn irritating. A vanity tray would offer some style to the dresser, provide some organization to my jewelry, and give some serious convince to my dusting sessions (yes mom, I dust). I found these three on Urban Outfitters website but I’ll be searching for something a bit more colorful. I’m hoping to find something super inexpensive and spruce it up. I’ll keep y’all posted on how this goes.

Sorry, I got lazy on you guys with this one and didn’t provide links, I had them all at some point but had to reboot the laptop earlier and those little links went and got themselves lost.


What have you all been wishing for lately? Any fall must-haves?



3 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday.

  1. I’ve been dying for a cute printed chair like that! I can’t find one that isn’t $300…and when I paid $300 for my entire couch, I just can’t justify it.

    • Exactly! I truly think the couch should be the most expensive piece in the room- and since Clint and I got a MAJOR deal on ours it makes finding those other pieces for less a bit difficult. And I’m trying my best to not have the entire apartment be from Ikea.


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