Awkward and Awesome.

I have a confession- I’m watching Julie & Julia again. I’m hooked, and I can’t be unhooked.  Here is your weekly dose of A&A.


-Last week as I was wandering my way through Target I inevitably found myself in the clothing sale section. And then I had that horrible moment. That moment where you see half of your Summer wardrobe stacked into the 50% off rack. I should have just walked away but I put myself through a bit of torture and actually checked the price tags to see what my clothes were now going for. It hurt.
-I have a little bone to pick with some packaging people. I’m looking at you Clorox wipe bottle. As I was about 5 minutes and 3 serious finger pinches into trying to get my first Clorox wipe out of the container I had a bit of a freak out. It involved throwing the container in the sink and throwing my hands up in the air. Then I got to thinking. When you buy a box of tissues it’s nearly impossible to get that first tissue out without causing a tear, yet that last one basically jumps out of the box- leaving me in that awkward limbo of trying to stuff that last single tissue back in the box like it never left, you know you do it too. We live in a seriously inventive world, can someone, anyone, please do some packaging redesign. I’d appreciate it a whole lot.


-I absolutely cannot stand going to the post office. I get legit anxiety just driving there. On more than one occasion I have been suckered into paying some serious bucks to send a package. You see, I panic under the pressure of the postal workers; and that line of inpatient patrons standing in line behind me. I’ve payed for insurance, overnight, fragile, first class, signature required packages more times than I can count. I simply don’t know how to say no at the post office. Last week I set out on a mission. To go to the post office and simply send a package. No frills and thrills. Not only did I get to the post office without getting lost, and without using my GPS, but I sent TWO packages (and a letter) and only payed $6. When I was asked if I needed insurance I put my foot down in protest and let out a firm and confident, NO! It was very not exciting, but I walked away proud. I also walked away with free vouchers to the Raleigh Greek Festival that a very kind old man gave to me. And when I told him I was originally from Charlotte he actually didn’t send a nasty smirk my way (the Raleigh folks are not fans of the native Charlotte people). A successful trip to the post office, pretty awesome.
-This past weekend I was back in Charlotte for a wedding and it was pretty great to attend a wedding with my very own husband. We reminisced over our big day, which is fairly easy to do since it wasn’t so long ago, it all made me happy as could be.

Whats been awkward and awesome lately?


4 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

  1. I am SO HAPPY to find someone else that has dealt with anxiety because of the post office!!!! I’ve tried to explain to Stan over and over but he’s just like ‘okayyy Emily…’ It’s gotten better, but when I first moved here I dreaded going to the post office O_O the one down the street is so small, the workers are behind like bullet proof glass (another strangely uncomfortable factor), and it’s always soooo quiet so you know everyone’s listening to you. Luckily I’ve gotten more and more comfortable with it, but there’s something about unhappy pushy people that can feel oddly intimidating. And what’s up with Raleigh people hating Charlotte natives? As for me, awkward: while walking through the airport this weekend a 15ish year old boy continued to grin and make as much eye contact as possible with me as I walked by :/ I really hope I look a little older than 15… awesome: Stan and I decided to park our car at the airport for our short trip. We managed to catch a bus just in time to shuttle over to the departures and our bus driver was super excited to have someone to chat with. He was surprised when he found out we were married but was quick to give us words of encouragement. He talked about how having is son really made him and his wife even closer. It was really nice to hear 🙂 Strangers can be so lovely.

    • I get asked ALL the time how old I am. What is with people’s serious preoccupation about informing me I’m “just a baby”?!

      I agree. A pleasant stranger is all I need to have a happy day. :] A nice conversation with someone else who looks on the bright side is just fantastic.

  2. Totally feel your pain about the clorox wipes. I usually end up taking 5 out first just to get them started. Never felt that way about the P.O.. Guess everyone has there pet peeves.


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