Awkward & Awesome.


In a nut shell, I never do fashion Friday anymore because I look not cute most days, so we’ll just start seeing the more put-together days as we go.

Today is Tuesday so let’s get straight to A&A.


-Just about being the only person in Target to not have a toddler sitting shotgun in their cart. I guess that’s what you get for going to a Target at 2:00 on a Monday. I received two different kinds of looks. One, from the Mothers who felt pity on me. How sad that little old me didn’t have a Little Me to brighten up my day. To them I say, no thank you. Then we had the Mothers who looked at me with visible envy. As I carelessly walked up and down the aisles tossing things other than diapers and wet wipes into my cart. I could feel the stares as that set of Mothers glared into my shopping cart. I was ready to leave, and that rarely happens in Target.
-As if the Army of aggressive Mothers wasn’t enough, I had one of the strangest encounters of my life. I’ll leave out most of the details because there are many but I found myself being approached by two ladies, most likely my age minus a year or so. In my naive and apparently slightly narcissistic ways, I thought they were going to compliment me on my scarf or something (that particular scarf gets a lot of compliments) but no. I was so far off. These two ladies decided they were going to strike up a conversation with me about the Lord’s bride. When they first brought it up you can’t even imagine the thoughts reeling through my head-are they about to make a comparison? do they think I’m her? why are they standing so close?! oh my gosh they just got even closer! am I about to get lady-napped?!! could anyone hear me if I screamed?!!! but mostly I just thought, ‘what would Jesus do?’ and decided to hear them out. After all it probably wouldn’t be best to spew a lie to get out of a bible-based conversation… but believe me, the wheels were churning on that one. So about 10 minutes into our conversation, countless references to stories in the Bible, a bit of biting my tongue to keep from getting argumentative, a whole lot of attempting to shimmy backwards (seriously, I do not do close talkers, especially not two of them at once) and I was asked to read a piece of scripture out loud off one of the girl’s phone… did I mention I was in the card aisle? You know, the smallest aisle in the whole store. Where there are always without a doubt crowds of people standing just about on top of you. Yep. Right there in the middle of the card aisle, with the crowd of Mothers, I was being pulled into a conversation and desperately trying to climb my way out of it. All the while trying to keep my cart out of the card-reading shoppers way. Everything about it was awkward. The conversation, the people, the location. Once I finally got that exchange wrapped up I all but ran for the check out. I even took a short cut through the little girls clothing, and said a little thanks to the Target Gods for having most of their stores set up the same.


-The Mister was gone over the weekend for a work conference which meant two things. One, I got to fall asleep to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives each night. Two, I got to cook myself a dinner that came out of a box. Prepared dinner amazingness. Food really does taste better when someone else makes it.. even if it is Betty Crocker.
-I’ve been seriously wanting some Sunflowers lately. They radiate fall beauty and our lil’ apartment needed some brightening up. When I went to Harris Teeter yesterday my Sunflower radar immediately brought my over to the flower/balloon art counter where I spotted the perfect set of sunflowers. They were perfect. So I swooped them up and tossed them in my cart, and guess what you guys… those little bursts of sunshine were half off. Thank you managers special for my $5 flowers, they just got even more awesome.


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