Wish List Wednesday.

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I am currently dressing myself with a bit of wishful thinking each day. I might be telling myself it’s a bit colder than it truly is. But it’s ok, because me and my scarves are super committed to each other and a bit of sunny weather won’t be breaking us up anytime soon. I have managed to hold off on putting on my boots (mostly because they are still back in Charlotte with most of my cold-weather wardrobe) but I’ll be reunited with those soon.

Here is what I’ve currently had my eye on.

Denim Dress- I kind of think denim is the best thing ever. It’s my go-to fabric for fall. I’ve been doing a lot of searching lately for the perfect denim dress but I have to admit, it hasn’t been easy. Both of the dresses up there are from UK-based companies so that’s not exactly helpful to my search but I think they are fab. I’m feeling a denim dress, patterned leggings, boots and scarf outfit like you wouldn’t believe. So if any of you have found a stylish, affordable, USA-based denim dress drop me a link in the comments. :]

Colored Skinny Belt- First things first, these belts are from the Gap, and literally every single time I even look at Gap.com I can hear Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love telling me to “be better than the Gap”. Five years ago I would have disagreed with him but good old Gap has just taken one big nose-dive. I don’t know what happened to that place but these belts were literally the only thing on the whole website that interested me. All I have to say to them is you better bring these kids back this year, because they are the best thing you’ve done in years. Now on to the belts. I love these little pops of color and think the fabric is great for the crisper days that fall throws our way. What? What’s that you say? These little belts would look great wrapped around my denim dress? I agree! I think I’d snatch up the fuchsia first then go for the royal blue. I think those two just really pop. Which color would you add to your fall wardrobe first?

IIIBeCa Bag- I’ll be calling this the give back bag. Not only are these bags well made and offered in a variety of colors. But along with being super cute, 3% of what you spend on the bag is then given back out to charity. You can check out more of her bags, and more from the IIIBeCa collection on her website. I particularly love this cross-body bag and don’t think I could possibly pick just one color! My instinct would be to go with the tan one because it’s so versatile but that’s exactly why I have myself a closet stacked with brown bags. I LOVE the colors and I NEED the colors. What color would you all pick? That green might just be too good not to have it.

What have you all been wishing for lately?


2 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday.

    • Those are both gorgeous peplums! I love that style as well but have actually never tried one on. I might just have to take a little visit to H&M and see what I can find :}


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