Bon Appétit.


Ina Garten.
Rachel Ray.
Giada De Laurentiis.
Kelly Simpson?

Okay, so maybe I’m not quite a top chef just yet, but I did work at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant for a solid three months in high school- something had to set in, right? Aside from my love for the food network I had spent very little time in the kitchen till two months ago. Upon getting married I not only began a relationship with my husband, but with our kitchen as well. I’ve actually always loved cooking I just never really did much with it, I’m far more likely to be found in the kitchen at 10 at night whipping up some brownies.

Since getting married and becoming the un-official chef of our little family I have tried tons of new recipes. And not one single meal has come out of a box. This is kind of a big deal for me considering that’s how I cooked my way through college. My Mister is a little bit of a food snob who won’t eat instant anything. So that means homemade everything, including fried rice, which was super intimidating until I actually got to making it. We’ve only had one meal that went horribly wrong. We received a crock-pot for our wedding and I was so so so eager to use it. I found a recipe for orange chicken, which Clint and I both love. 8 hours in the slow-cooker and a day filled with little sneaks to see how it was all coming together, and we finally were sitting down to dinner. I took half a bite, Clint took one bite, and then we ordered ourselves a pizza and Clint hit the road to get our back-up dinner, while I tossed our original dish in the trash. I haven’t tried the crock-pot again.

After two months of marriage, here is a bit of what we’ve been enjoying.

What are all of your favorite recipes? Share the food love!










6 thoughts on “Bon Appétit.

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  2. the presentation of your dishes looksmost appetizing. Looks to me that yu are doing a great job. Baked ziti is another favorite and easly.


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