Awkward and Awesome.

This week’s A&A is coming to you from my kitchen table where I’m munching on grilled cheese and ramen noodles. Soup & Sandwich. The officially combo of people feeling yucky. And this slightly explains why this week’s post is a day late, as the greater part of yesterday was spent doing the blanket on-blanket off routine while curled up on the couch.

But today is a new day, and here is a new week of awkwardly awesome happenings.


-So back in Charlotte there are Appalachian car decals everywhere you look. Seriously, every other car is driving around with a lovely golden A. Up here in Raleigh things are a bit more blue.. Duke… Carolina.. ya know. So when I was driving around the other day and found myself behind a car with an Appalachian sticker I lit up with Mountaineer pride, and managed to completely be unaware of his lit up brake lights. We were about one inch from having ourselves a little App State pile up. Can you even imagine the conversation that would have taken place at that accident site “sorry about your car, but hey, I’ve got an app sticker too, let’s be friends!”
-On Monday night I was being all domestic in the kitchen trying out a new recipe. It was slightly fancy schmancy, but mostly just something different that I’ve never tried before (cooking pasta without water, what?!) Anyway- when I first started cooking I had a bit of an overflow that was no big deal. Just like when that rolling boil rolls over the rim of your pot, except oil, garlic and chicken stock were what found their way onto my stove top. So I keep on cooking, throw in my pasta like a champ and begin my multi-tasking magic.. chopping salad, slicing bread, the whole nine yards. As I return to the kitchen from setting the table (ok, that makes it sound like they aren’t close, it really just means turning around) I notice that my pot has flames coming from underneath it. STOP, DROP, AND ROLL. Or in my case, just blow at it. So I did and it extinguished the flame. But what?!?, two seconds later, the flame is back, and bigger, and taller (because I’ve now lifted the pot off the stove- and yes, I turned the stove off as well). I blew it out again, and then twice more, and on the flames fifth flare up my mind started reeling, oh my gosh, is this a flame you can get rid of with water, or do you just need to cut it off from air?? Why could I never figure out the difference between the two? Why do they teach you this stuff in fifth grade and not in college? Oh my gosh it’s going to cost us so much when I burn down the apartment building!! All the while I’m shouting out to Clint that our stove is on fire. He came over and together we showed that little kitchen fire who’s boss. I switched my pot to a new burner and got back on my way to cooking. Then… cue the smoke detector… and my lovely husband who patiently waved a pillow under it until it stopped beeping. I figure that things like this truly only happen to the best of us right? I mean, no one starts a fire heating up a lean cuisine. And FYI, our dinner turned out pretty great, Clint scored it a 10 out of 10 on our menu board. Apparently a touch of fire was the secret ingredient.


-$17, one dress, three shirts, thank you Target and your sales rack.
-After weeks and weeks of doing my fair share of consumer research, I finally bought a Keurig. And quite possibly the best part, I didn’t have to spend a single dollar. We returned a number of things that we received from our wedding and I’ve been walking around with some Bed Bath & Beyond store credits that were begging to be spent. And not only did I not have to slide a card or shell out some cash, but BB&B was offering a cash rebate, so my store credit is basically getting turned into cash. Yay. I also went and got two glass coffee mugs (b/c I just think those are way more fun) and they were only $2.30 a piece. I’m so so so excited about this thing. I got a combo pack with my purchase and then bought a pack that had been recommended by a number of people but I need to know from all you K-cup people, what flavor should I try out next?


What’s been awkward and awesome for you all lately?


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