Awkward and Awesome.


The first awesome thing that occurred was that we received our wedding photos! Our Photographers captured every last moment and I can’t wait to share more with you all- I may be a bit biased but they just might be the best wedding pictures ever.

Now onto some more A&A


-Some random man at the library thinking I’m sending a sweet smile his way. No, no sir. This look is meant for my sweet husband just behind you, now put your returning smile away and keep on walking.
-Clint and I have been playing lots of tennis lately- he even just invested in a shiny new racket! We’re basically the only people who ever use the tennis courts at our apartment complex so it’s sort of like we have tennis courts in our backyard (except they would technically be in our front yard). Although I imagine that when having our own personal tennis courts we wouldn’t have to deal with two young girls whose sole mission was to distract us. More than once we had to ask them to give us our tennis balls back, at one point I even looked over to see one of the girls standing on the court with me- we’re not playing doubles, girly.
-At some point last week we had a cockroach in our shower. Despite how quickly I ran screaming to get a shoe to smash that sucker it managed to get away… by crawling into the wall. Yes, this was possible. There was just a tiny bit of a gap between our shower faucet and the wall that was just the space that darn thing needed to escape its pending death. Clint has since fixed this issue (and I fixed a closet handle.. Mr&Mrs fix-it right here!) but since it happened I have never taken quicker showers, or gotten more shampoo in my eyes as I keep them peeled for any signs of a creepy crawler. I’m gradually getting over it but I won’t lie, I enter the bathroom with caution.
-So the story goes like this. Clint spends his time making me the most perfect milkshake. I then drop said milkshake upon the handoff and it goes all over our floor, and the couch, and my feet. We then spent the next twenty minutes cleaning up my clumsiness. He ended up letting me share his milkshake :]


-My brother is getting married this weekend and I could not be more excited!! I absolutely can’t wait for him and his lady to tie the knot and I am so so so glad that I’ll be a part of their special day. It’s going to be amazing to get to see all my family again and really get to spend time with them. At our wedding I felt like I hardly got to spend any real time with anyone, just lots of snippets with everyone. So I can’t wait to see everyone this weekend and truly treasure our time together. SO excited!!
-It’s like officially fall, people. We turned our heat on the other day and I just sat around and swooned over the smell that accompanies that warm air. It’s fantastic. When I’m back home this weekend I will be packing up all my fall clothes and my beloved boots and I just can’t wait for me and my vests to be reunited. I love you chilly days.

What’s been awkward & awesome lately?


4 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome.

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  2. One summer when I was living in a motel room with 4 other girls (sounds like the start to a great story ehh?)… I was showering and I went to wash my hair and BAM! A cockroach in my hair. Like nestled up all cozy in MY hair. I jumped out of the shower and ran around naked and was crying and throwing things. No exaggeration. I just really hate a cockroach. So I feel your pain on that.


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