Wish List Wednesday- Gadgets.



I’m taking a little job search break to present my Wish List Wednesday for the week, and this week is all about the neat little gadgets that I’d love to have around.

Bag Holder- This nifty little bag holder allows you to pile multiple grocery bags on it and then carry the more user-friendly handle. As Clint and I live on the third floor of our building I typically try to get all of our groceries up in one trip. This means stacking all those overstuffed plastic bags half way up each of my arms, trying to open our front door with an elbow, and then plopping all the bags down on my kitchen counter to discover those lovely marks that now make my forearms looks like I have stripes. Next time I’m unloading a trunk full of groceries I’ll definitely be wishing I had this.

Taco Plate- This is definitely one of those gadgets where you say to yourself, why didn’t I think of that? I know the taco shell world has now invented those stand-up shells with the flat bottoms, but let me just tell you from experience with those shells, they crack down the middle even quicker than the normal ones. So these plates are most certainly a better alternative than the flat tacos. They aren’t quite as pretty as our dinner plates, but after all it’s not exactly pretty when your plate has half a taco splattered all around it.

Corn Kerneler- Ok, I actually have a kerneler but it’s more along the lines of a peeler. What I like about this version of the corn kerneler is that it catches all the corn. Whenever I de-cob my corn I end up with it pieces just flying off the cob onto the floor or all over the kitchen counter, so it’d be nice to have a little corn-catcher built-in to the tool. And yes, we always de-cob our corn, and no, we don’t just buy it off the cob, it’s better this way, I promise.

Elevate Utensils- These utensils are not only in super fun and vibrant colors but they are functional as well. You know how your stirring your sauce around and then you have to put the spoon down, but wait, the spoon rest has another tool laying in it already, so you’re forced to put that smothered sauce spoon down somewhere on your counter or stove. FIrst of all, my counters are clean, I would technically eat off of them, but really, I don’t want to, and I don’t want my cookware resting on them either. So I tend to just work some magic and have utensils laying on all different angle of the spoon rest. This set angles up your utensils so you can quickly and effortlessly lay put down that spatula while you switch over to pull something out of the oven. No matter sauce marks on the counter and nor more juggling spoons and stirrers.

What have you all been wishing for lately?


2 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday- Gadgets.

  1. Love the utensils. Why didn’t I think of that! What I wish for……..sleep, a good meal that I don’t have to cook and my kids to all come home. Wait!….my kids are coming home. Friday Night!!! Can’t wait…

  2. oo love the colors!
    My wish list: includes:
    a grey throw. simplicity at its finest.
    a floor mirror. love them.
    some fun dish towels- crate and barrel i will be visiting you.
    anthropologie candle- smelling awesome with a fabulous look.
    and pretty much all other mini necessities. moving means i need it all: vacuum, paper towel holder, bins to hold mags/blankets, etc!
    not to mention kitchen tools- target will buy me my happiness soon I bet. 😉


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