Wish List Wednesday- Color me Turquoise.

We went camping last night.

It was in our living room and there was nice plates involved, but hey, we at least used real, not-purchased from Harris Teeter, firewood. And our s’mores were beyond amazing.

Here is what I’m currently eyeing.


Get in my closet- I’m going to go ahead and lump 1,2 and 3 into one category. The turquoise and teal section of my closet could always use some expanding. I figured a fun and flirty dress, a comfy-cas tunic dress and a western-inspired corduroy button up would do the trick. This color scheme just seems perfect as we transition into the colder days. And they can partner up with so many other great colors!

Handbag- Still on the hunt for a new fall handbag, as I am still using my slouchy brown overused and underloved cross body bag that’s seen a couple seasons too many. I particularly like the buckles and the sweet lace-like detail on the front. And the color… swooooooon.

FYI the background to this wish list is actually an illustration I found but I’m thinking it would make a lovely little accent/area rug. Nothing wrong with an all teal apartment, right?

I’d also like to announce that I desperately want to be in this commercial. It’s kind of my favorite right now (and even though my not-such-a-dreamer of a husband quickly shot back that I’m not famous so I can’t be in the commercial) I think all these people look like a fun time and I’d like to join them. :]


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