A house into a home.

Well, it’s an apartment, but it’s relatively all the same.

I’m super excited about some decorating that just went down in the Simpson household so I decided I’d share it with you/ brag about my Target finds and semi-show off some resourcefulness. When I was home this past weekend I was reminded of one of the things I miss most about being back in Charlotte, my mother can decorate. No matter the season, she has some sort of decorative theme that pops up throughout our house. I love it. She always has something special on the kitchen bar and the kitchen table and this year she surely didn’t disappoint. She used an old wreath I had bought back in college (and then was asked to remove from my apartment front door because it’s against policy 😦 ) and put it underneath a giant glass vase to act as a sort of mount for it. It was super creative and it got me really wanting to bring a bit of the season to our home back in Raleigh. So after a trip to Target and a bit of using what we already had around I give you… my fall-inspired kitchen table.

I just love it! Before this we had the most beautiful flower platter as our centerpiece that we had received as shower gift but you couldn’t really put anything on it and I was really looking for a way to bring some color to the table. So I found this wonderful hammered square platter and just had to snatch it up. It’s just the right size and just mirror-y enough without being an actual piece of mirror.

But it all started with this..

This cute little pumpkin was just chillin’ in the dollar section. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect on our table. I really like that it’s plump and short rather than those tall skinny pumpkins (those remind me more of a Tim Burton style movie) this is definitely a Cinderella carriage pumpkin.

Then just around the corner I found this…
A purple, sparkly owl! I just recently discovered that Clint actually likes owls so hopefully he’ll love this one dispite the glittery explosion. It was just so cute (and so inexpensive- $2.50!), and it added a different level of height next to the pumpkin.

Then I turn my back and find these…
It was a two-pack set of mini wreaths… or wanna be birds nests. I’m not sure what they were intended for but I loved the texture and natural vibe so I threw them in and knew I’d find a way to use them. When I got home I realized they would fit perfectly around one our smaller bath & body works candles. Which I never would have thought to do without having first seen my mom use a wreath as a base. So I went and grabbed our hot chocolate candle off the shelf and it was truly a perfect fit. I’m going to go peal that sticker off the candle though because now that I’ve seen it in the pictures it’s seriously bothering me!

My last piece I picked up was totally on a whim. I had no clue how I was going to use them and initially just slung them all over the tray as a sort of confetti but it just looked too sloppy and was undoubtedly going to be a pain every time I moved the tray. So I went over and grabbed a mason jar off the counter and created this…

At first I just dumped all the little pumpkins in the jar, but you really couldn’t see them, and it honestly just made the jar seem more empty than full. So I decided to grab a whole bunch of twine and just shove it all down in the jar. I was actually hoping to have the twine sit all bundled on the bottom and then have all the pumpkins lay on top of it but once I got the twine in that seemed harder than I had thought so I dumped the pumpkins in, gave it a good shake and kind of loved how it all mixed together. Then I tied a little twine bow on top- cause everything is better with a bow, right?

I completed the table with…
A table-cloth! It’s actually kind of special. It served as a table-cloth on a cocktail table at our wedding! See..

I bought all the table linens for our wedding and had them so sewn so I think it’s a little something special to have them go from our wedding to our kitchen table. Clint kind of hates them. Well, he hates that they slide around on the table and don’t stay in place. They don’t actually fit our table so I just put them on it at an angle so it does a little diamond effect.

I feel like this makes our table look different than it is, and since I love our table I need to defend it. It’s actually a tall table- with bar height chairs. This makes it look like a normal height, less cute version of its true self. Also, let’s all just take a moment to check out my craft station. Yep, you see that pile over there to the left on top of the printer. That would be it. I’m kind of having separation anxiety with my glue-gun and I think about it everyday when I think of yet another project I want to tackle but need my trusty glue-gun for. I literally have no place for my crafty stuff but we’re brainstorming some storage ideas so hopefully I’ll be able to get my DIY stuff back soon.

Anyways. I love my little table setting. And I love how easily I can move it around. It’s definitely going to find a home on our kitchen bar while we eat dinner (which I would show you but it is currently a bit of a mess- that mason jar was originally filled with mints, those are now just laying all over the bar).

What do you think?!

How are you all decorating for fall this year?


2 thoughts on “A house into a home.

  1. Love all your finds at Target……Jealous you went without me. Table looks really cute. You did good!!!! Like Mother Like Daughter…

  2. Oo! When you said you did a target trip you didn’t clarify of what awesome things you found. My level of disappointment that target is leaving my 3 mile shopping spree crazes has just raised.
    I love the tray. It’s my fav- it’s adorbs. Really is perfect for the table and to interchange stuff for other holidays.
    For fall- I actually am making a paper leaf wreath next week to put on the inside of my front door. I have high hopes for it so it better not be a let down. I of course have candles galore as well but nothing spectacularly fun. Yesterday while I was shopping for apartment essentials I saw the coolest pumpkins filled with rice and had real stems – they were all hand seen with velvet fabric in different colors. I LOVED it and it would have been perfect except for the fact that being hand made it was over priced. That pumpkin’s home is still on that table in the store I am sure.
    I am planning on using a magnetic strip to display my holiday themed cards next week so I guess that counts as holiday decor as well.
    My real holiday is Christmas/winter. Ill be so excited to decorate this year. I have about 1,000 ideas (thank you Pinterest).

    P.s. love the table cloth. I was Hunting for one yesterday and could not find any basic but fun colored ones like that one. Jealous!


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