I really wanted that to look more like this


However, wordpress evidently does not allow you to use bold or italics in your title. So just pretend that’s what it looks like up there.

Anyways, on to the reason for this blog post. I have this wonderful friend Emily. We go back to the days of pigtails on the playground and she is surely one of the most kind-hearted people I am blessed to know. She went to art school down in Florida and now lives out in California with her husband but by the grace of social media (and this little bloggy blog) we’ve had the chance to reconnect. A couple of weeks ago I was giddy with excitement when I had an actual package in the mail. I literally ran back to the apartment (I’m serious, I skipped steps and everything)  cut the tape on the package and unraveled what was inside. In absolute awe I was surprised to see…

US! Clint and I! On our wedding day! In my dress! And that’s so my hair! I just sat there at our kitchen table and held it in my hands smiling.

Wrapped canvas and everything!

I absolutely love our illustration. Sometimes I glance over at it and just think- Prince Charming and his Princess! So, Emily kind of turned me into a Princess, and I love it 🙂

Emily now has her very own Etsy shop called Happy Little Heart and it’s amazing. You should absolutely go check it out, and you can go see our lovely illustration and the photo she used as inspiration.  She has such a gift and I am so excited that she’s sharing that gift with everyone else. And since it seems like everyone and their neighbor has been getting married lately you can order the bride and groom their very own custom illustration- coming from a girl who got one by surprise I can tell you these do not disappoint. Plus, isn’t it fun to buy off the registry every now and then!?

Now go check it out!


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