Weekend Wrap Up.

Remember how I was really excited for the State Fair?
Remember how I thought it was going to be the beginning of great Raleigh-related things?
Remember how I’d basically built it up to be the fair of all fairs?

Well, I went, I saw, and this is how I remember it.

We went through a petting zoo. It was less than exciting. And then we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed our hands. E Coli? No thank you.

They had some flashy rides but honestly I just couldn’t get over how expensive everything was! I know they have to make money and all but some of the rides were $8 per go. I suppose I thought a State Fair would be more price-friendly so people could actually enjoy all it has to offer without breaking bank.

There was SO MUCH FOOD. We’re talking deep-fried any and everything. We opted for this lovely bloomin’ onion (are they still called that when you’re not at outback?). The smells coming off of this thing were divine. The taste, not so much.

Basically, we walked away from the fair kicking the dirt with our shoes and hanging our heads a bit low and reminiscing on the time we went to the Renaissance Festival (don’t knock it till your try it people, it’s amazing.) It just wasn’t what we were expecting. We had gone at night after dinner and the vibe was certainly a reflection of that nighttime atmosphere. We just didn’t care for the fair. So what did we do?

We went back!
The husband’s parents had planned to come up for the fair so we made our way back out to try it again. This time during the day and with seriously lower expectations as to avoid that post-fair let-down we had previously experienced.

Here he is with his home-made John Deere ice cream. It was pretty delicious. As were the deep-fried Oreos we had.

This time around we saw more of the livestock/crops including these large pumpkins. They also had donkeys which I lovingly refer to as He-Ha’s (because that’s the sound they make) and they were pretty darn cute.

After the fair we made our way over to Chapel Hill for a bit of exploring.

And naturally, we saw a wedding, because apparently I’m either at, in, or witness a wedding every weekend now. I’m not complaining though- I always love seeing a bride :]

Clint took a sip from the Old Well which I’m pretty sure makes him a little bit less of a Mountaineer now… we might have to make a visit to Boone just so he can restore a bit of his Appalachian love.

It sure is pretty on a fall day though.

What did you all do this weekend?



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